Mentoring Sessions.

Be-it the tools, practices, adventures, mindsets, shifts, gains, losses. Everything, really, that has come from navigating a Chronic Illness, I hope to take all that has been learned and acquired over the years, and be there as you navigate this stage of yours, no matter the circumstances at hand or what that might look like for you today, next week, or six months from now.

the why.

At a certain point (a bursting point) I no longer wished to be entirely confined or restricted by the limitations that having a disease such as Lyme can bring, and I have a feeling that this might be why you’re here too—or something of the sort. To lessen the overwhelm, fear, and begin to believe in yourself and your abilities again, even in the midst of seemingly impossible obstacles. 

a few possible Areas of focus could be…

  • Shifting the plot line away from that of illness, fear, and negative loops.

  • Starting a business while navigating a Chronic illness, however that looks and no matter the stage.

  • Navigating through a transitional period.

  • Re-writing your story around illness (or any obstacle for that matter) and how you can begin to live a life more than____________.

  • Re-establishing your relationship with both work & creativity, and how it’s possible to do both while healing.

  • How to no longer feel overwhelmed, triggered, or frozen when facing the things you wish to do (from the simplest of tasks to the big ideas). 

*it is important to remember that these will vary from person to person and situation to situation. Together, we will decide which steps to take and how to best implement them into your life.

What’s Offered.

Single Hour Sessions

  • A recording of our time together, whether by phone or video.

  • A followup email where next steps will be covered & specifics highlighted.

  • Ongoing conversation by way of email, where you’re free to ask questions between sessions.

Ongoing. A 3 month 1:1 mentorship program

  • Here we will have one hour long call every two weeks for three months.

  • A recording of our time together, followup email, and an ongoing conversation.

  • If you’re interested, do email me ( or get in touch below.

Book a single session.

words From the Community…

It was a morning full of emotion and change, I sipped my chamomile tea as I got my skype ready to start our conversation thinking I would likely be closed as usual and not really open to sharing much. I was taken by surprise. It felt like I had known Chloe my whole life. Healing is never strictly medicine. It’s heart work, community, hope and knowing believing and owning our worth. That is what Chloe’s work focuses on - reminding us we still are ourselves underneath all of this rubble of disease and the chaos of life.

She reminded me that day It can be as simple as laying out a yoga mat to connect with the flow of meditation on a hard day and that is enough. We are creators despite any difficulty or challenge. As long as we connect to our truth we will find home in our hearts.

Her work proclaims we have to be reminded we are not alone and are so much more than. Thank you for creating and loving like you do Chloe. Now let’s shoot for da stars together, shall we?
— Candace Louise, Seattle, WA