Welcome to week two, friends!

Give the above a listen, then take a look at the content below, of which you can also download through a link at the bottom. Also, be sure to hop into our chat room so we can share where we’re at with all of this.

This month our focus is voice, and maybe more specifically...
what does voice mean to you & how does it continue to influence the story that you share?

By discovering our narrative around self, often rooted in the things we think we can or can’t do, by way of first (as in last week) asking ourselves the hard questions, and now, identifying what we wish to make room for. 

This part is all about going through those moments that fill you up, by bringing them to the surface of everything you do, even if in small ways. Now, this can feel overwhelming, impossible even, but stick with me, as once you uncover just a few things, without putting the pressuring around actually figuring out how you're going to do them, there should be this lightness and excitement around it. Around the possibilities that these things hold. 

Now, what are these things? Well, this is the part that requires each of us to use our imagination, starting by writing down, as if limitations or obstacles weren't a thing, what things, people, places, conversations, moments, activities, projects, ideas--whatever they might be, come up when you think of fulfillment, excitement, and that giddy feeling that anything is possible. 

For me, it's travel. It's always been travel. I can hardly sleep the night before a flight or car journey, and when in the air or on the road, it's impossible for me not to smile. Even if I'm going to a place I visit all the time. Though, a new place is always welcomed. Not just that, but travel leads to writing, and writing leads to the feeling I get when I'm creating fluidly and without pressures or expectations. When I'm writing for me.

You see, once you think of one thing, it usually leads to another. They're usually connected whether we realize it at first or not. So, the questions will revolve around those things that fill us up, as well as a practice that can bring that feeling into our life no matter how bad a day we're having, and the opportunity to hop into the chat room and celebrate those moments & feelings that have us daydreaming the week away! 

Alright, let's dive in, shall we? 
PS. You may need a journal or multiple pieces of paper for this one...

First, let's make a list of all of those things that fill you up. Don't limit yourself, write them down as if limitations or obstacles aren't in the picture. (Ex: Writing, yoga, hiking, dinner with friends, or travel). 

Now, I want you to get descriptive. Why did you pick them? What is the feeling that they evoke and why do you think that is? (you may need an extra piece of paper for this, or like I mentioned last time, a journal (permission to treat yourself).

Make note of your top three, or four if you must (I did four), and once you've gone through the why's (above question), see if you can't come up with one word you can use to sum that feeling up. (Ex: Yoga could be 'fluid' & writing might be 'free').

Now on a separate piece of paper (if not in journal, take a whole piece & four's and cut along those lines), Write the place, activity, idea, or what have you on one side, along with the word you've chosen to accompany that feeling, and the description of why on the back. You don't have to make it long, preferably something you can glance at and it will remind you of, well, you, and why you do what you do. 

Now, here is another option. Follow that same practice, but incorporate it into a meditative practice, as sometimes movement or creating in that way isn't an option.

1. Close your eyes
2. Give yourself room enough to daydream about those things that fill you up. 
3. What are the ones that stick with you? That give you that warm and fuzzy feeling? 
4. Now, separate them out from the rest, for now anyway, and let your imagination wander, not being afraid to get descriptive. Also, this can be something that you have done before, or simply would like to try. 
5. Once you've done that, pick a word to describe the feeling that that thing(ex: place, person, moment, conversation)gives you. 
6. Get familiar with that word, and always be sure to associate it with that feeling, and where that feeling stems from. 

And if any other ideas or thoughts come up throughout this practice and worksheet, do be sure to let me know, I am happy to go over them in our chat room! I will be sure to check through regularly, & answering many of these questions myself. 

Until next week,
Chloe xxx