Hello all! 

Welcome to week two, where we're still placing connection at the forefront of everything. I find it fascinating to see all the different areas in which it pops up, and how truly difficult it can be to establish that connection with ourselves. Purposefully checking in is no small thing and not just that, but actually figuring out what is needed at that moment is another.

And even if you haven’t worked through week one of December, not to worry, this will always be available to you whenever it feels right, and many of these things are applicable regardless. 

If you’d like to print out the worksheet before diving in, you can head to the gift bag or scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on “download worksheet.”

First, let’s go over a brief run down of the podcast so you can get a feel for what we’ll be focusing on this week (in a broader sense).

  • How we can best show up for ourselves and those that we believe in

  • Identifying some of those things you know reconnect you with yourself. 

  • The way we talk to ourselves and how that impacts the value that we put on those things that fill us up.

  • Our worth.

  • How we choose to show up in the world.

  • Coming from a place of forgiveness & understanding within yourself and the things you have and haven’t done.

  • Recognizing those things that you would like to start implementing into your life without expectation or judgment. 

  • Giving yourself permission to get excited about things

  • Experiences things and places even if they aren’t actively part of their life. Rather, bringing their benefits into our day to day. 

  • Identifying when it goes from fulfilling to draining.

  • All the tools that we have right now. 

Last week we talked a lot about the connection that we have with ourselves and the importance of prioritizing that so that we can better show up for others. It's an ongoing practice. One that takes time, forgiveness, and rest, making sure that we’re coming from a place of wholeness rather than our “should be’s” and “not enough’s.”

And when we find that we’re overextending or showing up in ways that take away from rather than give to, having those tool at the ready for us to pull from. Tools that are always accessible & with plenty of room for adjustments in between is so valuable.

  • What are some of the conversations that you have with yourself when you aren’t feeling well? Are you forgiving? Are you harsh? Do you leave room for adjustments to be made?

  • Where do you recharge? Is it with yourself or community? Often times this helps us to identify what area we should focus on first before diving into it all (ex: the relationship with ourself vs. the world around us). 

  • What are some conversations you have with yourself when you are feeling well. Are they hopeful? Does doubt ever slip in?

Before we go any further, let’s identify the tools that you already have in your “tool kit” so that we know what you’re working with! This could be anything from a phrase that you bring up whenever anxiety is about or a practice that you implement whenever you symptoms heighten or you’re not sure how you’re going to be able to face something. 

  • When do you feel most connected with yourself? What is it about that place, activity, conversation, or person that brings in that belonging? 

Now, get really specific (relatively speaking), after writing down a list of at least five different things or place or conversations that bring more connection to yourself, do you find that there’s a correlation between them? Similarities?

  • For the sake of simplicity, highlight three of the strongest connections you have with yourself (for me it’s writing, travel, and gentle movement), notice their similarities, and begin to identify the core feeling behind each of them (ex: writing=understanding, travel=curiosity, and gentle movement= strength). So, understanding, curiosity, and strength are three of the things that I “need” to feel in order to be most connected with myself. 

And remember, this is an ongoing practice, so it might take revisiting these things and adding and taking away from the list as you grow and change as a person. 

  • Now, with the above three symbols of personal connection, how can we use them to identify ways in which we are able to show up to the world around us? How do we feel we are showing up right now vs how we would like to be (we’ll going into detail on the “how” side of things next week.”)

To help us ready ourselves for next week, I’d like to do a little activity with you. It can be as fancy or as simple as you would like, but in order to explain in a clear way, I’ll keep it simple. 

  1. In your journal or on a separate piece of paper, draw two tool boxes. Now, these can look however you want them to. They could be circles or they could be intricate drawings of actual tool boxes—it’s whatever feels best to you! 

  2. Once you’ve done that, label one: connection with self/internal, and the other, connection with the world around me/external (or something along those lines). 

  3. Now take those things you identified earlier as being tools that you can use to connect with yourself, or ones that you’ve already been using, and place them in the appropriate tool box by way of a single word or short phrase. Once you’ve filled it up as much as you can (or want), see what ones might apply to the external one. Adding and taking away as necessary.

  4. Having those first two done, draw two more, again representing the connection you have with yourself and the one with the outside world, but this time, simply write the word that symbolizes the core meaning of that thing (ex: so ‘writing’ would then be ‘understanding’). And do that until you’ve given every tool a feeling. 

  5. And there you have it, for now anyway, a little tool kit that you can pull from depending on the moment. feeling, situation, conversation, or what have you. Reminding yourself that thought sometimes something like travel might not be available to you, but it is considered a tool to further connect with yourself, you can still cultivate that feeling that you get when you’re in that place simply by pulling from the feeling that you get when you’re in a certain place or doing a certain thing.

The challenge from last week, how did it go for you? And if you don't remember, not to worry, it was:

“Whenever you feel inclined, in your journal (if you don’t have one for this yet, permission to go out and get one that you’ve had your eye on!), write three things about yourself that you are grateful for (they could be things you’re working on or towards, or that are already part of you).”

This is something that we could keep going through the rest of the month if you like?

I'll pop into the Facebook group to see what you think. You all are incredible, thank you so much for sharing this last week! Was so lovely to hear from you.

All my love,

Chloe xx