This month our focus is voice, and maybe more specifically...

What does voice mean to you & how does it continue to influence the story that you share?

By discovering our narrative around self, often rooted in the things we think we can or can’t do, by way of first (week one), asking ourselves the hard questions, second (week two), identifying what we wish to make room for, and now, learning out to get out of our own way. 

Hello all! 

Welcome to week three, it’s kind of hard to believe that we’re already here. But it also get me excited because now we’re beginning to build up an archive and I can imagine what it will be like in a few months! 

This part of the month gives us the opportunity to sit back and listen. To be inspired to take what we’ve been building over the past couple weeks and begin to apply aspects of it to our day-to-day. To realize that even though it might feel impossible at times, those things that we wish to do, big ideas that we have, and dreams held close, are all right there. Are all accessible to us, even if the “getting there” part looks a little different. 

Week three is all about getting out of your own way enough to make room for those things that fill you up.

Those things that we identified and sat with last week. And even if you haven’t worked through content from last week, you can still sit back and be inspired by those around you. To let go of any judgment around what you feel you should have done or said, been to or accomplished, created and showcased to the world. Letting all of that go to see what we can do now to begin to re-frame and re-build this story of ours so that it betters suits us where we are no instead of the expectations around self that have yes, been set by ourselves, but also the world around us and where we think we should be. 

Details & What’s New…

You can follow along on Hannah’s happenings and adventures, here!

I decided to start a private Facebook group, of which we may use as our way of collective communication, especially during week four when we will either have a live call or group chat. I sent all of you an invite, but you can also click the link down below to join. Let me know what you think—would that be a better fit than our current chat room?

All previous content can be found both in the archive & gift bag! So don’t worry if you haven’t worked through it all yet. There’s plenty of time and never any rush.