Hello loves! 

Welcome to week three of December’s membership, and this week, especially as we move into such a busy holiday time for many of us, I want to keep it simple, leaving plenty of room for that connection that we have with those that we love, as well as the time in between that we can make room for to care for ourselves. But it’s still important to me that I show up here just incase this is something that’s needed, or a few reminders, anyway, that you are already more than enough.

This is especially important as we head into the era of resolutions and change. I think it’s beautiful to set those goals, just as long as we are recognizing what it took to get here and all of the hard work that we are putting in. Besides, we talk with Kate who shares so much goodness, so in the very least we can sit back and be inspired by her!

This week we’re making room for…

Room for each other. Room for ourselves. Room for gentle practices. Room for smalls shifts. Room to feel like enough. Room to remind ourselves that we are more than__________________.

Before going into that, I would like to highlight some of the things that we went over in our conversation with Kate:

  • Where she grew up and what she was like as a child, and how that has shaped who she is today.

  • When Lyme entered the scene and the impact that that had on her then, and how her relationship with it has evolved over time. 

  • The places that fill her up most & what exactly it is about them (a feeling that you often can’t even explain!)

  • What creativity, curiosity, and adventure mean to her. 

  • How Kate’s relationship with the outdoors has changed & how it’s very much part of her “healing” practice.

  • What brought her into the world of directing, what first lit that spark, and where she hopes to take it.

  • Some of the things that Kate has kept as a priority in her life. Rather, what she has always done her best to make room for, even if that means making adjustments here and there.

  • At some of her lowest or hardest points, what has she always come back to & how that has helped to lift her out of those places. 

  • The perspective that we gain from our connection with others & with ourselves.

  • How her story has been ever-evolving & how much it can change, even within a month. 

  • And where she is headed in these coming months, her hopes of incorporating more self care into your days, and other exciting projects.

  • Setting boundaries

  • Making room for the important stuff

  • Re-defining strength and what it means to be strong inwardly just as much outwardly, and how that looks different from person to person. 

  • How your relationship with yourself and the story that you tell can change from day to day. 

  • Just because your truth doesn’t align with what they think, doesn’t mean that you’re wrong, and this is especially true when it comes to knowing what’s best for you right now, both physically and mentally. 

  • My intuition is my truth. My experiences are my truth. Learning to trust my thoughts and my experiences. 

  • By giving yourself the room you need to share and the permission you need to feel whatever is coming up, gives others permission to do the same. 

I thought a fun way to move through this week would be to follow a similar trajectory to the questions that I asked Kate, that way we can bring more of that togetherness into the picture, knowing that many of those obstacles and limitations that have a tendency to isolate us, others are facing or have faced before. That we can and will make it through.

let’s dive in:

  • What practices have always brought you back to you? What things, without question, remind you of why you keep showing up for yourself and those around you? 

  • Keeping in mind the tool box that we created last week, do you often find yourself feeling too overwhelmed before you even begin? If so, how can we adapt those tool to fit our need now? How can we make the room for them even when we’re falling apart?

  • What connection feels really strong and abundant in your life? What connection could use a little more love?

  • What tools have you not utilized yet but would like to? What are they and how can we find a way to begin to make 5 to 20 minutes for them each day? Mine is mediation, and this will be something I’ll be beginning at 5 minutes, while also not beating myself up if a day goes by where it just isn’t happening. You’re showing up & that’s all that counts. 

  • What are your favorite kinds of conversations to have & with whom? Get descriptive and lean into that feeling—paying attention to when they have happened in your life and why that might be & how we could bring more of them into your life now. 

  • And lastly, I have a little task for you: This week, make a list of 10 people that inspire you. That you admire. And once you have that list, pick 3 that you are going to reach out to and tell them why you admire them. This could be as simple as a few words or a few paragraphs. Even just the act of doing this brings in a sense of humbling appreciation for yourself and them.

Not just that, but you never know what may come of it—try not be swallowed up by the fear that they just wont care. I can guarantee that no matter who they are or what they do, notes like that fill them up, too. Also, notice what aspects of them you like & why. Is it their habits? The movement they started? Their art? Just notice and see if any of those things appeal to you and if there are little ways you can begin to challenge yourself to make room for other such things in your life. 

That’s all for this week, folks!

Do share your finding in our FB group, and until next time, I am sending all of my love!

Chloe xxx