This month our focus is voice, and maybe more specifically...

What does voice mean to you & how does it continue to influence the story that you share?
By discovering our narrative around self, often rooted in the things we think we can or can’t do, by way of asking ourselves the hard questions.

And by hard questions, I mean those ones that often encourage you to take a different perspective or stance on something that you may have found yourself rooted in, whether it be because of an illness, or simply habitual. You know, those things you do or think but aren't entirely aware that you're doing it, or that it might be limiting you in certain ways. 

Doing this can often bring up a lot of emotions, so be sure to take your time with these questions--as I've said before, there is no rush. This worksheet will always be here for you. 
And this week, because of the "diving deep" aspect of it, we will keep things light, being sure to be mindful of what we might be bringing up. Also, be sure to head to the chat room if you do find yourself wanting to pose questions or talk things through. I will be checking in there regularly, and then we will have our chat at the end of the month as well. 

Here are a few questions for you to go over this week, or even to just think about. I suggest designating a journal/folder entirely for this membership (eventually I will provide them), a place to tuck these worksheets in, as well as an opportunity to jot things down as the weeks go on. 

But first, why don't we make note of why we are deciding to show up for each other, in this space. 

  • What encouraged you to be here? 

  • What do you hope to get out of it?

  • What are some areas that you feel really strong in? Where you aren't really thinking about what you're doing, just doing. A feeling of fluidity.

  • What are some areas that you feel resistance in? Where you might feel a desire to do something, but when you go and put that idea into action, there seems to be a block.

*Before we go any further, I'd like to make note of something. There will be those limitations that we aren't able to work through right now, and that's ok. Let's just quickly make note of those, allowing more room and freedom to move back into those areas where we can make slight (but very impactful) adjustments. 

  • When you think of sharing your voice, what is the first thing that comes to mind? First, let's dive into your "go to's." Those things that feel seamless and fluid.

  • Now, what is another way you see wanting to share your voice, but it might feel a little "not you." Or rather, completely terrifying, but you're still drawn to it?

  • How do you share your story when you feel like enough?

  • How do you share your story when you don't feel like enough?

  • And Lastly, what is the story you want to tell? What kind of moments, conversations, adventures, or scenarios, make you want to have your voice heard?

And if any other thoughts, ideas, or questions, or what have you, come up throughout the week, you can either put them in your worksheet (available below) or in your journal. Not just that, but you're always welcome to bring them up in our chat room (head back to dashboard for that).

Until next week,
Chloe xxx