A few highlights from this weeks content:

  • Recognizing and feeling out the relationship that we have with ourselves.

  • Encouraging ourselves to speak up when we’d normally listen, and listen when we’d normally speak up. 

  • Making adjustments and rearranging in order to make room for regular checkins with ourself.

  • The importance of letting go of those things we hold onto so tightly, and how that can positively impact the way we treat ourselves and those around us.

  • Noticing when resistance comes up—why is that?

  • What are things you can do to connect with yourself right now? 

  • Support and encouragement from within.

  • How to avoid feeling isolated in the face of obstacles (in this case Chronic Illness). 

  • Why the pushback probably means we need to spend more time checking in with ourselves.

  • A projection of our story onto someone else (& how they view us).

  • The biggest obstacles between us and those connections we know will fill us up. 

  • When is it a physical limitation or mental block.

  • All that connection brings & why we almost always need more of it. 

  • Why we are already more than enough. 

Well folks, we’ve reached our second month!

How are you feeling so far? What has come up for you? Is there anything that you’re having trouble working through? If so, do feel free to share in our private FB group. Happy to go over anything and everything there.

Like last month, we’re going to start by asking ourselves the hard questions, from the basis of the narrative around self, only this time, from the perspective of connection (thank to December’s theme!) 

What does connection mean to you and how can we bring more of it into our lives, both internally and externally? And by now you are hopefully a little more familiar with what it means to ask ourselves the hard questions, but for the sake of this month and this all still being quite new, here are a few examples that came up when I sat down to give this some thought.

  • The conversations that I have with myself and how that impacts my mental and physical health. 

  • The way I withdraw in social situations, always avoiding the topic of illness and “what I do.” 

  • The way I often have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror, especially on days that I’m not feeling my best. On days where I’ve neglected myself entirely.

  • How often am I really checking in with myself? Do I notice a difference when I do? How do I feel when I don’t? 

  • In what ways am I limiting the connection I have with myself and the connection that I have with others. How can I begin to shift this narrative? 

  • Am I anticipating what others might think of me and what I do before I really give them a chance? 

  • How am I showing up for myself? How am I showing up for others?

There’s no question that quite a bit might come up for you, so maybe instead of focusing on a handful of highlighted narratives all at once, why don’t you just pick a few that really stand out, because more likely than not, you’ll find that they’re connected. The way one story often creeps into another and another, lending and molding itself into areas and habits you might not have been aware of. 

In order to work through the things that come up in a way that won’t overwhelm, here are a few questions and prompts to get you going, with moments of ease and lightness between the “digging deep.” As half of the battle (not sure I like the word battle, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll use it here) is making sure we celebrate all that we have done, all that we are, and all that we’re working towards. 

As being here takes a lot of strength, and not recognizing that might just defeat the entire purpose of the why. Why is connection such a valuable tool & how can we make sure everyone, including ourselves, have access to it? 

Here are a few questions and prompts that we can use to get going:

Do note, that though I go over them here, they are available for download at the bottom (that way you can work through them instead of just read!)

  • To start, what are some of the tools that you use to connect with yourself? What do they look like, feel like, and how are they implemented into your day? 

    Note: As you sit with this question, why don’t you answer it from both the perspective of right now, a day that you’re feeling really well, and a day that has felt really heavy and full of fear. That way you can use your answers as a reminder, no matter the kind of day. 

  • In what ways you do feel disconnected from yourself? This could be really specific, like you’re feeling disconnected from a practice you know fills you up, or something is simply not available to you at this time so that sense of loss hangs heavy…

    Note: Or maybe it’s just in general. Maybe checking in with yourself isn’t a regular thing. Either way, try your best to pinpoint the way you feel. The way this disconnection impacts both your internal and external world.

  • When thinking of connection and the role that it plays in your life, where do you feel the most resistance? Is it more internal (spending time with yourself) or external (meeting people and forming a community). Or maybe it’s both (I know that’s the case for me).

  • What incredible things, people, places, ideas, opportunities, and conversations have been brought into your life because of connection? And how many of them impact where you are today? 

  • This is simple but always, always necessary. How are you already enough? What obstacles have you overcome when facing the relationship you have with yourself and how has this impacted the world around you? 

  • What does connection mean to you? What are some of your strongest connections right now and how can we begin to think about cultivating more of them? How can we continue to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself and in turn, those around you.

A Challenge:

This week, whenever you feel inclined, in your journal (if you don’t have one for this yet, permission to go out and get one that you’ve had your eye on!), write three things about yourself that you are grateful for (they could be things you’re working on or towards, or are already part of you). 

For example: I am grateful for the way I always show up for myself, even when it’s uncomfortable. I am grateful for my curiosities and the adventures that they have brought. I am grateful for the way I listen to the stories that others share. 

Do stay in touch throughout the week in our FB group! I know I will be sure to pop in there every day or so to share the above “grateful’s” & whatever else is coming up. You can find the link to that below, as well as the worksheet.

All my love,