MTL Membership Week Four

Hello week four! It’s so wonderful to be here.

I’m sat crosslegged on my floor with window wide open and a mug of somewhat warm coffee (ok, not really warm at all). I am wanting to keep things simple this last week, spending a bit more time leaning inwards so that we can better be there for ourselves and others. 

Today in our live call (at 4pm PST, there will be a recording of it that lives there so feel free to go back and watch if you weren’t able to make it!), I will spend some time going over the story that brought me from there to here and all the little and often overlooked moments in-between. What sparked the making of this membership, how it all came together, all while touching on the final focus of this month through the standpoint of voice, which is, “permission to re-write your narrative around self.” 

It’s an on-going process, as with most things, this re-writing of our narrative. It’s found in the small shifts and the moment where we bring ourselves back from an anxiety riddled thought or fear-filled obstacle. It’s taking time to notice the little things. The subtle improvements. The making of room for one, two, and maybe even three things that fill us up—that make us who we are. 

As you listen back on or watch the live video, feel free to keep these questions at hand, and maybe instead of questions, think of them as room-enough to share your story however you see fit. To allow yourself to feel it all, or piece by piece. I’ll be going through these questions as well on our live call. 

Most importantly, let go of the judgment as there’s no right or wrong way to do this… 

  • When someone asks what you do, what comes to mind, how do you tend to respond, and does it have the tendency to bring up any negative feelings?

  • What was one of your most daunting obstacles from this past month? How did you move through it? Did you feel resistance around it?

  • What are some of your “feel good” moments from this past month? What were you doing? Do you feel like you’ll be able to make room for them in the future? If not, how can we work to change this? Even if it means five minutes.

  • What is one thing you have always wanted to do, now I’d love to hear why! Go into detail. Even leave voice recording or video of this (for me it’s building a studio in my backyard) and the why’s behind it in our FB Group. 

  • What feeling or idea do you hope to bring with you into the coming month? It can be something simple, a practice, or even a moment you’d like to make happen.

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