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Hello all! Welcome to the last month of our trial period.

For week four’s content, head to our private fb group (link at the bottom of page) and watch live video! We collectively decide the times for our calls each month, so make sure you let me know when works best for you on there.

Not much will change once we move into January, I just gave myself this grace period for all of the changes and hiccups to take place. Also, that’s not to stop them from taking place later, I just wanted to go into it with a little cushion. 

Alright, let’s do a little recap. This month we’re focusing on connection, and through that the story that we tell ourselves (week one), getting to the root of that story by asking ourselves the hard questions (week two), uncovering and making room for all the goodness that those questions can bring by implementing them into our day to day (week three), and finally, this week, where we take all of that, and give yourselves permission to re-write your story or re-frame your narrative arounds self. 

+ When we think of our biggest obstacles in doing or not doing something, in saying or not saying, in creating or not creating, what are they? What do you tell yourself and how can you re-frame it to “I cant’s” to “I can’s.” And even if you can’t do something right then, saying something along the lines of, “I am making room for____________in my life, and even if it isn’t accessible to me right now, I am actively showing up and being part of this story. Of my story.”

  • Take a few of those things you’ve identified in week two, how to make room in week three, and begin to create little mantras or sayings (if you will) that you can add into your day. That you can use whenever you find you feel less than or unworthy. Take note of the obstacles, and see what ones you can move through in order to re-write this narrative right now. 

And if comparisons come up, simply use those reasons why. Why you are showing up and why you are doing this work, to counter them. There’s no way they stand a chance against you and your drive to live a life more than.

  • In setting aside fear, doubt, insecurities, and expectations of the outcome, what story would you share with the world? Who would you want to bring to the surface?

  • What scares me most about re-writing my story? What is it that has a tendency to keep me small and unseen? 

  • When thinking of the obstacles that often stop me from doing what I wish to do, what is it about them that keep me put? 

  • How has connection changed my life for the better? Specifically, what has it brought in?