November Painting Membership

Dear November,

The sky is the deepest blue you have every seen, and through the slivers between clouds, you can feel the warmth from the sun; I’m sitting on my sofa after having made a solid attempt at writing this to you from my back porch, but with the predicted afternoon storm, I was ushered inside, quickly turning on the kettle and pouring myself a cup of tea. 

This kind of moment very much feels like autumn. A moment where I’m taking in the whole of the summer. The visits to far away lands and nights spent in rooms very unlike my own; I’m turning inward and taking note of all that I’ve gathered and all that I wish to let go of. It feels remarkably cheesy saying that. Saying that this time of year is one that encourages the act of letting go, but it’s true, as we often have a tendency to slip into an almost meditative-like state as soon as our days shorten and the nights cool. 

It the process of things—a cycle. The way we move from one moment to the next.  Both individually and as a collective.  Though alone, we’re very much in this together. No matter the season. 

You see, it’s been a transformative year. A year told through metaphorical highlights and losses so big they couldn’t help but shift the way I look at not only the world around, but the one in me. Looking inward with such intensity that I can’t help but experience the outside world in a way I never have before. As if just now, figuring out who I am and how I wish to share this voice of mine.

Actively choosing to no longer keep myself small.

Actively choosing to celebrate the “I can’s” and “I am enough’s,” instead of focusing on the, “I don’t know how’s,” and “I’ll never be enough’s.” 

Of course, forgiving myself when I slip back into this old narrative around self.

Knowing that within these shifts of how I’ve chosen to share this story, the story of me and the story of us, there will be moments where we lose focus. Where we need to take a moment to remind ourselves of the why. The why behind why we’re choosing to show up for this. Reminding ourselves that the voice we choose to share with the outside world, is nothing without the voice that nurtures and cares for ourselves—the self talk. The heart talk. I truly cannot wait to get going.

Love always,


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