The Guide.

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Really, a place where we share on-going and always shifting sources of inspiration. People, places, artists, books, podcasts, websites, blogs, wellness methods—all of it. It’s always evolving. Always changing. Always making room for the new and the wonderful and the inspiring and the creative.

What are you inspired by? Do let us know in our FB Group so that we can add it to this list!


on our Bookshelf

Sylvia Plath.

  • Ariel

Brené Brown.

  • Daring Greatly

Walt Whitman.

  • Leaves of Grass

James Baldwin.

  • Another Country

Susannah Cahalan

  • Brain on Fire

Lang Lee.

  • All of her books of poetry.

Richard Horowitz.

  • Why Can’t I Get Better?

  • How Can I Get Better?

James McBride.

  • The Color of Water

Miranda Gray

  • The Optimized Woman.

Yolanda Hadid

  • Believe Me

Almila Kakinc-Dodd

  • The Thirlby

Porochista Khakpour.

  • Sick, a Memoir.

Esmé Wang.

  • The Border of Paradise

  • The Collected Schizophrenias

E.B. White.

  • All of his works.

Rupi Kaur.

  • Milk & Honey

  • The Sun & Her Flowers

Tami Lynn Kent

  • Wild Feminine.

Cleo Wade

  • Heart Talk

Mary Oliver.

  • Could never pick a favorite.

Madisen Kuhn:

  • Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better

Aly Hilfiger

  • Bite Me.

Digital Library

The Wing


Ok Real

Darling Magazine

The Thirlby

Yellow Collective

Black Girl in Om

The Unexpected Shape

She Explores

Lyme resources

Global Lyme Alliance

Lyme Disease Association

International Lyme & Associated Disease Society (a great place to start if you’re looking for a Lyme Literate Doctor).

Lyme Less Live More

Mighty Well

What are some resources that you use? They can be blogs, people you follow on Instagram? Do let me know! I would love to have them be part of this.

Thought leaders & Change makers

Nicole Granato

Kait Hurley

Fettle Tea

Angeliina Skin Care

Dr. Emily Wiggins

Esmé Wang

Rachel Rickets

Kate Rentz

Vienda Maria

In Our Earbuds

Super Soul

Let It Out

Dear Sugars

She Explores

Women On The Road

The Balanced Blonde

Black Girl in Om

Highest Self Podcast

Ted Radio Hour


On Being


Being Boss


The Rip It Life Podcast

This American Life


Healing Out Loud

The Makers

Sheila Dunn (Painter)

The Unsent Project (Multi-Media Artist)

Amanda Sandin (Artist)

Freckled Pottery (Potter)

Madison Perrins (Artist)

Sarah Benning (Artist)

The Mint Gardener (Painter)

Recipes For Self Love (Inspiration)

Roots & Wings Jewelry (Jewelry Maker)

Coco Chispa (Potter)

Carlos Arl (Artist)

Pharen Art (Artist)

Jenny O’Neill (Painter)

Elli Doran (Photographer)

CW Pottery (Potter)

Black Haus Art (Artist)

Melissa Jenkins (Painter)

Rachel Pohl (Painter)

Gianna Andrews (Painter)

Drawn To High Places (Painter)

Feather Divine (Jewelry Maker)

The Village & Co (Potter)

James Michelle (Jewelry Maker)

Sylive Lam (Artist)


Mate The Label

Salmon Sisters

Whimsy & Row


Outdoor Voices