The story submission rundown

Don’t know where to start but just know that sharing your story is something you’d like to do? I get that and want to make sure you know that that’s entirely normal & this is something that doesn’t need to stop you from getting it out there. A blank slate, after all, isn’t always a bad thing!

What we’re looking for

We are currently looking for pieces on mental health, adventures of all kinds, creative outlets that have played a role in your healing process, alternative forms of self care, tips on travel, treatment, and how you get through your day-to-day.

Helps to keep these submissions between 800-1,000 words.

First things first, just fill out the information below and we can get this conversation going.

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We’re actively looking for story submissions for our upcoming sister platform, more than trails

We’re creating this sister platform as a way to redefine strength & adventure by saying what goes unsaid through stories of trauma, mental, chronic, and terminal illness.

Helps to keep submissions between 800-1,000 words.

If any of this pertains to you & you’d like to be part of our June 2019 More Than Trails platform launch, do get in touch below…

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