I Thought It Was Impossible, Yet Here I Am: Hannah Lyal Bingham's Thoughts On Lyme Disease + Living Life To It's Fullest

Hi folks, my name is Hannah and I am here to share MY story.

It all started about two and a half years ago. I became very sick very fast. I was passing blood clots, violently vomiting, my body ached so badly that I would lie in fetal position and not move for hours. I dropped 40 pounds in 3 weeks, and was so depressed to the point where I was suicidal. I truly thought that I was dying. I was sure of it, and the doctors weren't determined to figure out was wrong so they left me with "it might be colon cancer" and that was that. I moved to Alaska without knowing what was wrong with me. Alaska was the happiest I had been in a long time and at first I didn't feel all that shitty, but three months in I had to move back home because my symptoms had come back stronger than ever.

What It Means To Be Human: Healing Systemic Lyme, Yeast, and Parasites By Way Of Compassion, Adventure, and Endless Amounts Of Vigor, Love and Determination

What does it mean to be human? I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this question for months. To me, to be human is being able to experience truly intense emotions – fear, joy, love, frustration, anger, sadness, pain, excitement, and hope. I don’t know, but I think that the most able humans are defined by how they choose to experience change.

Here’s a little snap shot of what my life was, what it is, and what it will become.

It has nearly been one year… 12 months, 365 days… since I’ve spent 4% of my life healing from one hell of a disease. It doesn’t seem like too long. Maybe it’s not in the scheme of things. But for me, it feels like a lifetime.

My Lyme story starts out very different from most peoples’. I can recall the exact day I found a tiny round nymph burrowed into the back of my neck. In fact, I have pictures. 

Adapting Too + Creating Magic Outside The Boundaries Of Change: A Story Written By, Genevieve Goetz

When I was diagnosed with chronic pain, fatigue, and Lyme, it was almost exactly a year ago. I just turned 30, was living in a cute, small mountain town in MA for two years, and was going back to school to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant. I taught yoga for years and was very physically active. I had an active social and dating life. I wanted to help people with their bodies and empower their lives.

I quickly went from the role of practitioner to patient. I stayed in school part time but was forced to withdraw from the program overall. Suddenly, I was not able to teach yoga, drive or even hike. My body really started to deteriorate, having severe reactions to any kind of antibiotic over and over again. My mom moved closer to be my caregiver . We didn't expect she'd still be here an entire year later, still dealing with my Lyme. I had no clue what it meant to truly give care until my mom stopped her life to save mine.

You Can Lose All Hope, Be Very, Very Sick, and Still Get Better: A Message To You From Melina Coogan

As I stare at the blue skies out my office window, I can feel the steam from my brewing tea bringing warmth to my comfy space on the floor. Not only that, but the turning of gears and rumbling of change deep in my core. And though thrilling and exciting, it also has a way of grounding me. Of brining me back to what caused this feeling, and I believe that to be stories like this one.

The Truth In Healing. By, Sarah Hrudka Behlke

I find it almost comical, the irony of the situation from where I write this. As I gaze out at a placid lake in northern Wisconsin, the setting and soil that has always rendered me most content in my 29 years. But I am not bemused to think that it is likely the very type setting in where I first contracted Lyme disease. I mean, who is to say, as I never had sight of the bite or rash. However with a childhood that was enveloped in the woods, barefoot and drenched in everything the midwest landscape has to offer, it would come as no surprise to me once I was diagnosed. And so, with this new-to-me reality, albeit posting up residence in my cells for years now, I am choosing to lean in to it.

A Q&A With Kourtney Wellette

From a Life That Felt So Certain and Clear, To Facing The Fear That Comes With Not Knowing Where Look For Hope, To a Diagnoses That Changed Her Life Forever...

This is Kourtney's story of how she was diagnosed with Lyme, and not only the pain and doubt she felt along the way, but the love and support she received from those close to her. Those that pushed her to continue to live her best life. A life that keeps her close to her sense of self. Rather, what makes her happy. And even if it's different from what the 10 year old Kourntey would have imagined, it still holds true through to her core. 

As I sit here with my coffee in hand, blanket wrapped around my legs, and the sound of silence in my ears as the snow fall whispers outside, I try to come up with just the right words to describe this vibrant girl. Just a few weeks ago we had met for the first time, walking into the coffee shop looking for the other person who is also looking for another person. Her warm smile and honest words left me feeling certain that this community is carved and shaped into something bigger than us, by those that surround us.