Body Talk: On the Relationship Between Film, the Body, and Lyme Disease

We could end up facing emotional triggers we didn't even know were there, or needing to make room for a good laugh: a light digest, some might say. Or maybe, a story structured around treatment ideas, weighted failures, and triumphs filled with mixed emotions, is what's needed most--- regardless of what or how (podcast, video, poem, instagram, a phone call with a good friend, simple heart emoji, or something completely unrelated to chronic illness), there's room for every kind of story shared. 

A story like this one. A poem. A visual representation of how, in that very moment, Amy was inspired to share her experience--- her process and how she chooses to express her relationship with Lyme Disease. Today anyway. 

And my gosh am I glad that she did. 

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More Like Wilderness: A Story Through Lyme To Wellness By Shona Curley

It took four years for me to be diagnosed with Lyme. Over the course of that time I became sick, non-linearly, in ups and downs, loops and surges, strange and disturbing ways. My mind was affected. I felt overwhelmed by loud noises, as though they were penetrating my body.

A touch could send waves of nausea through me. Movies in the theater? The intense visuals and sound invaded my brain and coursed through my body, making me hide in the bathroom. What on earth was happening? I was so obviously unwell, but for four years no doctor seemed to have a clue what to do with me. I was left alone. 

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Unexpected Motivation: 16-Year-Old Mikayla Navigates Her Lyme Diagnoses With Both Determination and Patience

When you're Mikayla Vallati,

A courageous, persistent, and kind-driven 16-year-old, unable to attend public school, cultivate friendships, and partake in activities that should leave you feeling supported and inspired, is instead, faced with an unforgiving and daunting reality.

One where a tick-borne illness forcibly pushes and pulls you, without warning or clues as to how you're going to make sense of or work through it all, into a world very unlike your own.

At what what feels like the lowest of lows, Mikayla finds motivation where she otherwise wouldn't...

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My Lyme Soliloquy, by Arielle Coree

I am not sure what my true intention for writing this is to be honest... 

I guess it’s just an attempt to get some of how I am feeling out on paper, to “write hard and clear about what hurts” in hopes of finding a sense of healing and relief. I know the true healing I am craving may not come for quite some time so, perhaps my real end goal here is just relief. Or maybe that is just my mind trying to stay within the realm of reasonable expectations. Perhaps it is time I take my own advice and detach from expectations.

In honor of that, I declare that the intention behind writing this is for my physical and emotional healing, emotional and energy release, and freely sharing my frustrations about life.

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Rise and Thrive: A Story of Lyme Disease, Dance, the Negative Side of the Word “Heal,” and Why Hannah Has Never Thought of Herself As Broken & Needing to Be Fixed

Sometimes a diagnosis can feel like a death sentence.

Whether your particular sentence is an injury, illness, or mental health condition, it can feel as though the walls are closing in. It’s as if there’s no escape and no way back to the life you once lived. At least this is how I felt when I was diagnosed with not just Lyme disease, but also heavy metal poisoning, mold toxicity, and a garden variety of parasites.

I was 32, with a three-year-old son, assorted jobs, and a life that simply didn’t accommodate chronic illness. I was devastated. I shook with fear, with disbelief, with denial. Now I refer to myself as the luckiest Lyme patient alive...

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Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Glamorous: Through Color, Love + the Stories that Go Unheard, Rora Blue is Creating a Whole New Platform to Share Your Voice From

Why you should get to know Rora Blue 

When we think of sharing, our mind often jumps to the thing that we're most familiar with, whether that be words, video, public speaking - or something terrifying that we'd rather not do. So when we are witness to someone sharing in a way you've never seen before, it can take a moment to catch your breath. To realize the power that we have to create an entire platform that gives a voice to those stories that we'd rather not share.

And to step back and see that we too could take a piece of ourselves and share from that place too.

The uncomfortable, painful, raw, vulnerable, and all too real thoughts. So many times I've written something out then erased it, even if it was only for my eyes. So many times I've gone to say something to someone and backed out at the last minute - as if my heart and mind are both trying to win me over. 

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