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Will To Live

Each story told brings to light a new perspective, and with this new perspective, we not only gain better understanding of those around us, but the way in which we approach hardship, obstacles, and a disease both in and out of our control. And just like that, armed and ready, we find ourselves knee deep in what feels like quick sand, grappling at the idea that the ground below us is not steady or forgiving.

And just like Matt, we continue the fight. We continue to lean into one another while pushing forward, divvying up the weight and realizing that this disease is a little less scary when faced together. When looked at through the eyes of all that is right rather than wrong. All that we have, rather than what we don't. 

And just like this tree, those flowers, and the silent creatures scurrying between fallen branches and brush, making a home for themselves in an often unforgiving environment, I too have the will to live, and I have a feeling you do as well. 

Without further ado, this is Matt's story...

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