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Hannah Sieff

Q: Letting go. In the process of being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, what things have you had to sacrifice and let go of? And how do you cope and adjust to this new way of life?

Hannah: Having a chronic disease means leading a double life. I have my “normal” life, filled with going out with friends, running to class, and indulging in pizza. Then I have my “Lyme life,” which consists of juggling dozens of doctor appointments, scrambling to refill prescriptions, and spending hours in bed. Yet leading both of these lives is impossible. Something has to give. I had to compromise my academic career – something that has been a primary focus in my life for years. Succeeding in school is what drives me; I always want to learn more and do better in the process. My high expectations for myself have been shattered since being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

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Alicia Katy

Q: On a day all to yourself--what is your favorite way to wake up?

Alicia: Slowly! I love taking my time in the mornin'. sippin' on my favorite organic coconut coffee from hawaii is always an added bonus to my day :)

Q: What are your favorite snacks/food items to bring along on a solo adventure? Or do you stop at a favorite place before to pick up a smoothie or lunch to go?

Alicia: Suja juice! The '12 essentials' is amazing! Also some trail mix. No pun intended :)

Q: What kind of places intrigue you/motivate you. That inspire you to adventure. Somewhere you'd want to hang out at for an afternoon. (Maybe pick a places or a couple places around your home that you love to explore or just visit frequently.)

Alicia: The beach! Whether it's exploring/hiking the coast, free diving/playing in the water, seashell hunting, or watching the sunrise or sunset next to the tide. Anything and every thing turquoise and salty inspires me. It's all therapy for my soul.

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