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The Beauty In It All: A Story By Nicole Nakamura

Man, I did this "my story" thing for YouTube once upon a time, and I recently re-watched it to see how far I've come; I was living in Hawaii at the time, (my dream). And surfing as much as I could. Until the Lyme took a turn for the worse and I couldn't surf let alone carry my board down to the car. I slept through life and classes and couldn't work.

I was done, and I was sure I didn't want to fight anymore. Just like that. It all went away and I wanted to go away.

I didn't want to deal because I didn't think I could. Yet I came home for a semester to treat under close supervision, and I finally "gave in." I'd like to say I surrendered rather than gave up. I let myself heal. Gave permission. It was quite the thing you know. I didn't know that's what I was doing differently at the time...but it is; I finally allowed myself to not be a sick person, but to let myself be a healing person growing into my strengths.

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No Matter the Odds: Kaitlin Child's Choice To Live a Life More Than Lyme

Meet Kaitlin.

A determined, resilient, hard working, brave, courageous, and honest woman, who has taken the obstacles that this disease as placed in front of her, and turned them into every reason to live her life to the fullest. 

At thirteen years old, Kaitlin's life was packed full of hospital visits, unanswered questions, and a diagnoses that changed everything; Late Stage Lyme Disease was about the only answer she was given to her seemingly never ending list of questions, and it was an answer that would continue to haunt her for the years that followed, limiting her to a life that was so far from the one she wanted. A life that was scattered with fear, doubt, and an overwhelming sense that this thing, this thing was never going to go away.

This is her story...

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