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The Importance Of Creating + Story Telling While Fighting Lyme Disease. By, Justin Zimmer

From his feet swaying gently from right to left on the longboard that he used to carry himself to the salty shore as a young boy, to crisp alpine air, towering peaks, and the spray of a rushing waterfalls as he steps further into adulthood, Justin has always longed for adventure, letting it infuse him with gratitude and hope for better days to come. 

With a job he feels passionate about and his need for photography to play a prominent role in his life, Justin has pushed himself past his doubts and through to the core of his motivation, which just happens to be story telling. Story telling which in turn keeps his mind clear and heart full, no matter how difficult the present moment may be, and boy can it be hard...

Having fought this disease since he was young, Justin has found a great many ways to not only see, but feel the good that can come from this process, and all the many ways in which he considers himself lucky. Lucky to be breathing, thinking, and creating, honing in on ideas and getting after that with enough gumption to shake mountains and cause ripples through the ocean. 

This my friends, is Justin's story...

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