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Caroline Henry

When I look back on my life before 2010, I see an array of beautiful memories. I see parents who loved me so well, a brother who taught me to be strong, and friends who laughed with me until I cried. I see a little girl’s room with approximately ten thousand stuffed animals each with their own name and story. I see a girl who couldn’t settle on one sport. Who had to be the best at gymnastics, tumbling, ice skating, and softball. I see a girl with everlasting energy. 

Now that’s not to say that I don’t remember sickness. Everyone can remember getting the flu and the stomach bug as a child, but like any normal sickness- the symptoms went away and the long nights and tired days turned into memories never to return again. 

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Adrienne Joy Clements

But my favorite self-love coping tools include: mindfulness + meditation practices, journaling exercises, spending time outdoors, playing with my awesome pup, and connecting with others who understand (Instagram is a great way to do this!).

Question: Following your passion. What activities do you do for yourself that help feed your mind and body? And how do these activities help you stay motivated through the good and the bad?

Adrienne: I like to consider myself a Jackie-of-all-trades, and have so many different passions. I enjoy learning, creating, connecting, traveling, and playing! Spending time outdoors nourishes me on so many levels – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Even if all I can do is sit out in my backyard – the sun, sounds, and earth are so healing.

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