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Honoring Both the Storm + the Rainbow: How Rachel O'Malley's Adventurous Spirit Drives Her Overcome Setbacks

This Is, Rachel...

In a fight against her own body, Rachel has found a place of acceptance. A place where she can look at the obstacles, set backs, and pain that comes from living with this disease, as part of her journey. As part of what makes her the strong, resilient, adventurous, and brave human that she is today. That she always has been.

Rachel has learned what it's like to be ok with not being ok. To see all that she's done as every reason to not just live, but thrive. To show up and allow herself to be seen, even if that means feeling vulnerable or out of place. To take her past experiences and build off them, even lean into when things seem impossible. To use them as tools to help build a life for herself beyond the limitations of Lyme. 

This diseases pushes us to be brutally honest with ourselves, to face parts of ourself that we are scared to face. To be there, trusting, believing, and fighting for a life more than. For the life you deserve to live, even if it's slightly different from what you expected. 

This is Rachel's story...

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