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Keri Fisher

Question: Letting go. In the process of being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, what things have you had to sacrifice and let go of? And how do you cope and adjust to this new way of life?

Keri: Letting go is very hard, especially because I really loved my extremely active and on-the-go life, and I miss it. By the age of 26 I had traveled to over 20 countries, lived abroad twice, and earned two college degrees. I find myself saying “before I got sick I did this...” “when I was healthy I was very...” so that type of language and thought implies that I can’t be myself or be who I am because of my symptoms and how this disease has plagued my brain. Besides the stress and pain of being sick, we are sick with bacterias that our government denies and doesn’t even know how to test for or treat! Now that I am out of my brain fog and have my short-term memory back, I adjust and cope by practicing non-attachment from yoga, realize that every moment, emotion, and body ache is fleeting, and I tell myself and my body how much I love them.

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Laurel Jackson

Q: What kind of places intrigue you/motivate you–that inspire you to adventure. Somewhere you’d want to hang out at for an afternoon. (Maybe pick a places or a couple places around your home that you love to explore or just visit frequently.)

Laurel: Anywhere in Nature! Just the chance to see and experience something new and outdoors is inspiring to me. The amazing thing about nature is that even if you go to the same spot again and again, you can still find something new or have a different experience every time. The ocean has always and will always be my #1 obsesson, but I also love the forest and mountains. Snowboarding has been a big part of my life, so in the winter you can usually find me riding one of our local spots here in the Cascade mountains and during the rest of the year, enjoying hikes, rivers, waterfalls and alpine lakes. Living between the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges means never running out of places to explore! Camping, trips to the coast, swimming, surfing, freediving, rock climbing and biking are also other some other activities that motivate me to get outside and have fun. 

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Hailey Allen

I am twenty years old, and in June of 2014 I was diagnosed with Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease along with five other co-infections. Like many others struggling with this disease, it took me many years (six to be exact) to find out what was ailing me. Although many of my symptoms limited me in middle and high school, it wasn't until I started treatment that I reached my roughest patch yet.

It seemed as if my life had changed nearly over night; I spent most of my days in bed with crippling fatigue, migraines, GI troubles, and wide spread joint pain. Because of my worsening condition, I had to make the crushing decision (more like the decision was made for me by doctors) to remain at home to receive treatment instead of returning to school out east.

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Alicia Katy

Q: On a day all to yourself--what is your favorite way to wake up?

Alicia: Slowly! I love taking my time in the mornin'. sippin' on my favorite organic coconut coffee from hawaii is always an added bonus to my day :)

Q: What are your favorite snacks/food items to bring along on a solo adventure? Or do you stop at a favorite place before to pick up a smoothie or lunch to go?

Alicia: Suja juice! The '12 essentials' is amazing! Also some trail mix. No pun intended :)

Q: What kind of places intrigue you/motivate you. That inspire you to adventure. Somewhere you'd want to hang out at for an afternoon. (Maybe pick a places or a couple places around your home that you love to explore or just visit frequently.)

Alicia: The beach! Whether it's exploring/hiking the coast, free diving/playing in the water, seashell hunting, or watching the sunrise or sunset next to the tide. Anything and every thing turquoise and salty inspires me. It's all therapy for my soul.

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