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Endurance: A Lyme Disease Story Founded On Persistence, Determination + the Reminder That You Are Not Alone

I've had chronic neurological Lyme since 2006, and am incredibly lucky to have been mostly in remission for the past three years. When I was first lost in the fog of Lyme, fighting to survive day-to-day, bewildered by the controversy surrounding this illness, I held on to the stories of others as a lifeline. When I finally felt well enough, I made a video about my own experience with Lyme in the hope that I could be that lifeline for someone else. 

Reflecting on what living with Lyme has meant to me, “endurance” is a word that I return to again and again. So many of us have learned to endure far beyond what we thought possible, persisting and surviving and finding strength in small victories.

This video is for anyone struggling to endure another day, a simple reminder that you are not alone.

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Finding + Creating Your Own Best Self While Taking On The Setbacks Of Lyme Disease. A Story By Natalie Bettinelli

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease on July 6th, 2016, just three short weeks after my wedding in Napa, California. In what seemed like no time at all, I went from being surrounded by friends and family and feeling overwhelmingly loved by the outpouring of support, to shocked, scared, lonely, confused, and very, very sick. 

Looking back, I should have seen the signs and known something was up. We had a stressful year, but like anyone, I found excuses for my exhaustion and poor physical health. I blamed work, moving across the country, changing jobs, my long distance relationship, and training for my first marathon. I continued to tell myself to push through, that I would be fine.

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The Only Way Out is Through: Bottoming Out and The Dark Night of the Soul By Marie-Ève Bonneau

Marie-Ève brings light into every dark corner of the world around her, revealing a new level of beauty, one that is often found in the forgotten, painful, and we'd-rather-not-go-there corners of our mind. She has a gentle and kind way of guiding us through these moments, seeing them through, as if for the very first time, the eyes of promise and hope instead of fear and doubt. 

Suddenly, the clouds clear giving way to night and those curiosities and dreams of ours are at our fingertips, giving us permission to let go, if only for a moment, and step into the still cool air, stars beaming from one corner of the universe to the other. 

Without further hesitation, I invite you to dive into Marie-Ève's incredible story on making it through alright. 

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What It Means To Be Human: Healing Systemic Lyme, Yeast, and Parasites By Way Of Compassion, Adventure, and Endless Amounts Of Vigor, Love and Determination

What does it mean to be human? I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this question for months. To me, to be human is being able to experience truly intense emotions – fear, joy, love, frustration, anger, sadness, pain, excitement, and hope. I don’t know, but I think that the most able humans are defined by how they choose to experience change.

Here’s a little snap shot of what my life was, what it is, and what it will become.

It has nearly been one year… 12 months, 365 days… since I’ve spent 4% of my life healing from one hell of a disease. It doesn’t seem like too long. Maybe it’s not in the scheme of things. But for me, it feels like a lifetime.

My Lyme story starts out very different from most peoples’. I can recall the exact day I found a tiny round nymph burrowed into the back of my neck. In fact, I have pictures. 

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A Q&A With Kourtney Wellette

This is Kourtney's story of how she was diagnosed with Lyme, and not only the pain and doubt she felt along the way, but the love and support she received from those close to her. Those that pushed her to continue to live her best life. A life that keeps her close to her sense of self. Rather, what makes her happy. And even if it's different from what the 10 year old Kourntey would have imagined, it still holds true through to her core. 

As I sit here with my coffee in hand, blanket wrapped around my legs, and the sound of silence in my ears as the snow fall whispers outside, I try to come up with just the right words to describe this vibrant girl. Just a few weeks ago we had met for the first time, walking into the coffee shop looking for the other person who is also looking for another person. Her warm smile and honest words left me feeling certain that this community is carved and shaped into something bigger than us, by those that surround us.

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The Importance Of Creating + Story Telling While Fighting Lyme Disease. By, Justin Zimmer

From his feet swaying gently from right to left on the longboard that he used to carry himself to the salty shore as a young boy, to crisp alpine air, towering peaks, and the spray of a rushing waterfalls as he steps further into adulthood, Justin has always longed for adventure, letting it infuse him with gratitude and hope for better days to come. 

With a job he feels passionate about and his need for photography to play a prominent role in his life, Justin has pushed himself past his doubts and through to the core of his motivation, which just happens to be story telling. Story telling which in turn keeps his mind clear and heart full, no matter how difficult the present moment may be, and boy can it be hard...

Having fought this disease since he was young, Justin has found a great many ways to not only see, but feel the good that can come from this process, and all the many ways in which he considers himself lucky. Lucky to be breathing, thinking, and creating, honing in on ideas and getting after that with enough gumption to shake mountains and cause ripples through the ocean. 

This my friends, is Justin's story...

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