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On Wilderness, Lyme Disease, and Healing the Spirit, as Lived and Experienced by Jaclyn Ouillette

In August of 2006, I found myself standing on a high mountain in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. I was celebrating. Celebrating 10 years of hard work to get to this point, A NOLS Instructor. I had worked hard to finally  become an Instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Living it up and teaching technical backpacking and backcountry rock climbing in the beautiful Wind River Range in Wyoming. I was amazed at myself for reaching this 10-year long dream.

The high mountain peaks, the alpine flowers, the cold alpine lakes, the crisp fresh air, and my travel French press for my favorite morning treat, a dark, rich hot coffee. What else could I ask for? Amazing students, kick-ass Instructors, and the best co-workers you could imagine.. I had my dream and I was living it... not knowing that less than a month later, I would be fully immersed in my own greatest nightmare, bed-ridden with an illness and no cure.

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Learning to Pull Strength from the Unexpected Parts of Life: Why Sarah Chooses to Fight Chronic Lyme Disease with Optimism + Adventure

“Where’s my happy girl? I never see you smile anymore.” 

My jaw clenched and I stared straight ahead as it became increasingly more difficult to breathe. This was the start of my fourth panic attack today, I noted with a journalistic objectivity. They’d been getting more and more frequent for months but even this was unprecedented. I counted the passes of the windshield wiper as I tried to divert my thoughts...

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