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The Importance Of Creating + Story Telling While Fighting Lyme Disease. By, Justin Zimmer

From his feet swaying gently from right to left on the longboard that he used to carry himself to the salty shore as a young boy, to crisp alpine air, towering peaks, and the spray of a rushing waterfalls as he steps further into adulthood, Justin has always longed for adventure, letting it infuse him with gratitude and hope for better days to come. 

With a job he feels passionate about and his need for photography to play a prominent role in his life, Justin has pushed himself past his doubts and through to the core of his motivation, which just happens to be story telling. Story telling which in turn keeps his mind clear and heart full, no matter how difficult the present moment may be, and boy can it be hard...

Having fought this disease since he was young, Justin has found a great many ways to not only see, but feel the good that can come from this process, and all the many ways in which he considers himself lucky. Lucky to be breathing, thinking, and creating, honing in on ideas and getting after that with enough gumption to shake mountains and cause ripples through the ocean. 

This my friends, is Justin's story...

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Will To Live

Each story told brings to light a new perspective, and with this new perspective, we not only gain better understanding of those around us, but the way in which we approach hardship, obstacles, and a disease both in and out of our control. And just like that, armed and ready, we find ourselves knee deep in what feels like quick sand, grappling at the idea that the ground below us is not steady or forgiving.

And just like Matt, we continue the fight. We continue to lean into one another while pushing forward, divvying up the weight and realizing that this disease is a little less scary when faced together. When looked at through the eyes of all that is right rather than wrong. All that we have, rather than what we don't. 

And just like this tree, those flowers, and the silent creatures scurrying between fallen branches and brush, making a home for themselves in an often unforgiving environment, I too have the will to live, and I have a feeling you do as well. 

Without further ado, this is Matt's story...

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The Privilege In Knowing That I Was Sick: Discovering Beauty While Fighting Lyme Disease

The Beginning

When I was four my parents made the decision to leave their home country of Colombia and move to Raleigh, North Carolina. It wasn’t until many years later that I began to realize what a huge sacrifice that was. My parents left all that they knew for my brother and I to have the opportunity to do whatever we wanted with our lives. My mother showered us with unconditional support and motivated us to live whatever lives we wanted to live. This meant she worked from the bottom up, dawn to dusk, this meant coming to a country that we were undocumented in for some time. This decision, while terrifying for her, meant that I would get to travel, to question what I want to do. It meant that I was to have privilege.

When I got sick with lyme I began to question and resent the why. Why was I given this battle, why my family, haven’t we been through enough? What about all the other people who don’t have the resources to treat this disease? All those questions looming over me were the most difficult to process, and I’ve realized that part of my 'why' came from the selfishness that nobody wants to be the one with a chronic disease or any disease, and the denial...

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Things Underneath: The Unearthing Of Lyme Disease In a Body That Refuses To Give Up and a Mind That Is Determined To Change The Way The World Views The 'Things Underneath'

I remember the last time I felt healthy.

Just simply, effortlessly like Ari. 

I'm not sure if the memory is so vivid only now in retrospect because of what has been lost since or if it was in fact, as sweet as I remember it being. 

The sun rose on a beautiful mid-October Saturday in Bend Oregon, after a lovely night spent with out-of-town friends: The Reel Rock Film Tour followed by meaningful conversations about our futures over a few too many IPAs. It had only been a week since I had decided to forgo my beer-free sentence: I would conquer the stomachache and embrace the flavor and culture of beer in this well-versed town. I only wish now, that I had made that decision many weeks earlier. My friend Brooke and I mused over the somewhat uncanny similarities in our life trajectories over the last decade and I shared with her my internal battle about whether to dive headfirst into medical school or to pursue a Naturopathic doctorate instead

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Larissa Vejarano: On Bravery and Standing Your Ground When Faced With The Uncertainty Of Lyme Disease

What do you do when you have quite literally, no where to turn? What do you do when you are faced with unbearable pain, loss, depression, anxiety, and absolutely no answers as to why? What do you do when the people closest to you don't believe you when you say something is wrong. Something really, really awful is going on inside of me?

Unfortunately, those are the questions that many of us face when we are either in the process of being diagnosed with, already suffering from, or have been fighting Lyme Disease for many years. There is no certainty, and for many, there is no solution. We can do everything right only to find that we should have done things differently. That the obstacles we face may never leave us part of an outcome we feel comfortable with. 

With that being said, I would like to introduce you to someone who has forged her own path in unfolding and discovering the importance of standing your ground when facing unanswered questions. When facing a disease that takes your life and turns it upside-down, and her name is Lari Vejarano.

Lari is a force to be reckoned with. She is a piece of hope where little is found, resilience amidst hardship, determination when facing obstacles, and laughter when all else fails; she is living a life more than in a country where, like many, Lyme is not given the recognition is deserves, but despite it all, Lari is rolling up her sleeves and pursuing treatments, doctors, and a life amidst the chaos that is this disease. 

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On Being Ok with Where We are Right Now: A Story By, Mikayla Vacher

This is, Mikayla,

Headstrong, courageous, empathetic, determined, loving, and optimistic, all while in the face of pain. In the face of obstacles so big they could crush you at a moments notice. With her unwavering hope and will to make this life, her life, an adventurous one, Mikayla encourages us to see all that we have (the people, places, and things...) as enough.

As more than enough. As every reason to keep pushing forward, even when the world around you does not seem to be working in your favor. Even when you find yourself trudging through the deep waters of anxiety and depression, desperately trying to make sense of the slew of symptoms coming at you from all directions, Mikayla helps us to see that this illness, so often seen as our weakness, can instead give us the strength that we need to create a life more than. 

To take all that we already are, and put it towards a life we fall in love with over and over again.

This is her story...

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