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Unexpected Motivation: With Chronic Lyme Disease Wrapped Tightly Around Her Entire World, 16-Year-Old Mikayla Navigates This Daunting Diagnoses With Both Determination and Patience

Let's start here, shall we?

While most kids my age have days full of plans and activities like sports and social gatherings, I have days full of fatigue and headaches and doctors visits. I've been attending public school my whole life, until recently, when my health got to a point where I could not get out of bed. So I had to transfer to school online. 

While I do get some freedom, I also have almost nothing left that resembles a teenage life, which hasn't been easy.

I see people my age living life to their fullest and it pains me to know that some days I can't make it out the door. That's not a possible life for me right now. It's hard to think about the future because it's so unknown. Academically, I have been successful through this time of struggle, which is something I am very thankful for. However, it takes much energy, drains me out for the day, and leaves me with nothing left.

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Why Sylvie Believes Creativity Means Choosing Curiosity Above Habit: On Being Fluid, Vulnerable, and Raw in Her Art + Fight Against Lyme Disease

It's 9pm on a Thursday and I am swaying and clapping and doing the chicken dance with a group of strangers. My awkwardness is melting, a smile pulling at the side of my mouth. Mostly I am thoroughly captivated by the leader. He’s a magical man who might have been a preacher in another life so I listen when mid lesson he stops and exclaims, “You don’t sing to make pretty music, you sing to feel the music. You sing to express your joy and sorrow. You sing as a release valve. You sing with your whole body.” 

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Fueled By Nature: Annie's Take On Thriving, Creating, and Living a Life More Than Chronic Lyme Disease

A young woman that brings movement and life to the pain filed moments, transitions, and sudden shifts that inevitably happen when living with Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease. A young woman who takes charge and creates from a place of curiosity and an unbreakable love for nature and those that help to make her life full, vibrant, and so much more than. 

She pauses, listens, really, really listens, and takes note of the world around her. Both the good and the bad, the successes and the pitfalls, using them as reasons to keep moving forward with her treatment, and working hard at not just giving but receiving love from herself as she faces each "ah ha" validation and seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Annie is meeting herself where she is, while not hesitating to make great strides into the world that has now opened up to her. 

- art, nature, connection, love, letting go, and so much more - 

This her her story.

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Learning to Pull Strength from the Unexpected Parts of Life: Why Sarah Chooses to Fight Chronic Lyme Disease with Optimism + Adventure

“Where’s my happy girl? I never see you smile anymore.” 

My jaw clenched and I stared straight ahead as it became increasingly more difficult to breathe. This was the start of my fourth panic attack today, I noted with a journalistic objectivity. They’d been getting more and more frequent for months but even this was unprecedented. I counted the passes of the windshield wiper as I tried to divert my thoughts...

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