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Andrew Hurley

This is, Andrew's Story...

There are 3 reasons I want to tell the story about my experience with Lyme Disease: To educate people on this disease and spread awareness of its effects, to provide a beacon of hope for those who are currently suffering with Lyme, and to help people find silver linings during difficult times. My dear, dear friend and mentor Curtis “Fifty Cent” Jackson once said, “Sunny days wouldn’t be special, if it wasn’t for rain/Joy wouldn’t feel so good, if it wasn’t for pain.”  Preach on, Fitty!  So, is this a serious story? Yes, it involves my 2 bouts with near suicidal depression. Hey guys, don’t worry – I’m still here. Is this a happy story?  Yes, it involves a man completely changing his life for the better...


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Lyme Isn't a Crutch. It's a Catalyst.

I was diagnosed January of 2014 after my immune system plummeted when I came down with the Epstein barr virus (mono). It was devastating and relieving news all at the same time. I contracted it around the age of ten when I was living in the woods of NJ. For over a decade I was in and out of doctor’s offices running tests and looking for answers. When the tests results came in positive it gave me something to treat, something to work on. Before, I was discouraged and frustrated, shooting in the dark with strict diets, supplements, and palliative measures. I finally knew what my body was screaming at me so desperately trying to communicate. On the outside I look healthy, but on the inside I feel like my body is failing me and at 22 years old that is not acceptable. I have my entire life ahead of me and I will not let this disease change how I live.

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