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Adventures From The Trail

This is, Kristen, known to many as, Rainbow Dash (her trail name).

A little bit about her and her "home"...

I get my mail in a small town in rural Kentucky. I've been told that "my people" are in Asheville, NC, or the Pacific Northwest, but I've yet to live in either of those locales. I'm a bit of a nomad; I had five address in eight months in 2013. But, hey, "not all those who wander are lost," right? I turned 26 on trail this year; I celebrated with a road walk detour because the PCT had a fire closure. I was bitten by the tick that gave me Lyme four days after I turned 22. It was two years before I became noticeably (and severely) ill and nearly another year before I was diagnosed.

Where did your passion of hiking derive from. Was it recent, or does the itch go way back?

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For Suzanne

We hiked for nearly two months and approached the Vermont border. I can't describe how amazing it felt to be so far along the trail, with only a few states left, especially when those states held some of the best hiking yet to come.

The days heading into Vermont turned strange however. I noticed Suzanne (the girl I mentioned before / the one this story is really all about, even though it has taken me far too long to get to the point) just wasn't herself. At first I honestly though she might just be on her period. We had overcome this obstacle however, quite smoothly I might add.

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Laurel Jackson

Q: What kind of places intrigue you/motivate you–that inspire you to adventure. Somewhere you’d want to hang out at for an afternoon. (Maybe pick a places or a couple places around your home that you love to explore or just visit frequently.)

Laurel: Anywhere in Nature! Just the chance to see and experience something new and outdoors is inspiring to me. The amazing thing about nature is that even if you go to the same spot again and again, you can still find something new or have a different experience every time. The ocean has always and will always be my #1 obsesson, but I also love the forest and mountains. Snowboarding has been a big part of my life, so in the winter you can usually find me riding one of our local spots here in the Cascade mountains and during the rest of the year, enjoying hikes, rivers, waterfalls and alpine lakes. Living between the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges means never running out of places to explore! Camping, trips to the coast, swimming, surfing, freediving, rock climbing and biking are also other some other activities that motivate me to get outside and have fun. 

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Ashley Mersereau

Q: What are your favorite snacks/food items to bring along on a solo adventure? Or do you stop at a favorite place before to pick up a smoothie or lunch to go?

Ashley: It depends on what kind of adventure it is, but I usually bring a Lara bar, as well as some fruit, maybe some trail mix or other salty snacks.  If it's going to be a long day I'll go to our local bakery/deli Bread & Ocean and pick up a sandwich for the road!

Q: What kind of places intrigue you/motivate you--that inspire you to adventure. Somewhere you'd want to hang out at for an afternoon. (Maybe pick a place or a couple places around your home that you love to explore or just visit frequently.)

Ashley: Going to the beach/ocean never fails to inspire me and push the reset button.  Growing up on the Oregon coast I learned to surf in our cold waters when I was a kid, and while I'm not a great surfer, I love the beauty, magic, and humbling quality of bobbing around in such a powerful, vast body of water.  There's also a river near my home that I have spent many a sunny summer day at, swimming, reading and lounging with friends.  And finally, I am always intrigued by new places, so traveling around in our van always brings a smile to my face and motivates me to get out there and explore this big world of ours (that one's kind of a cop-out since it's not one place, but it's true!)

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Jenny Patterson

Q: On a day all to yourself--what is your favorite way to wake up? (Coffee/tea in bed, a walk, yoga etc)

Jenny: My favorite way to wake up is with bulletproof coffee in a french press, Califia almond milk unsweetened and some MCT oil with cinnamon and stevia! When I'm alone then like to do some meditation, guided or otherwise-visualization and chanting.  I prefer to do some gentle yin poses and such beforehand to warm up and then settle my mind.  Or, I like to journal along with Yoga-these are two vehicles of coping and transformation that have served my experience and healing with chronic illness for 20 years!  I started in college at 22 and will be 44 May 3rd…

Q: What are your favorite snacks/food items to bring along on a solo adventure? Or do you stop at a favorite place before to pick up a smoothie or lunch to go?

Jenny: Favorite snacks are usually hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, radishes…chicken salad…spinach etc smoothie or a true treat like Project Juice cold pressed all green juices!

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