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Here's To Not Giving Up: A Success Story After Sixteen Years Of Fighting Lyme Disease
October marks one year of being free, after sixteen years of intense, intense pain caused by Lyme disease.

I was diagnosed last May after so many years of trying to find answers, and I took a few months off to heal and help my body recover. Those month were extremely difficult, but I was able to find a few good doctors that helped me find a couple of treatments that truly changed my life. I still struggle with various symptoms: fatigue, muscle and join pain, brain fog, skin issues, etc., but those have been manageable and do not compare to the pain I felt in my back and abdomen. 

Over the last few years, things were getting so bad that I had a hard time standing or walking for extended periods, and if I had to for certain reasons, I would sneak off to “use the bathroom,” but what I was really doing was throwing up from the overwhelming pain I was experiencing.

I tried so hard to push through it for years, but it started controlling my life in ways that I couldn’t enjoy the things I loved. But it was October of last year where I started noticing the change.
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