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Things Underneath: The Unearthing Of Lyme Disease In a Body That Refuses To Give Up and a Mind That Is Determined To Change The Way The World Views The 'Things Underneath'

I remember the last time I felt healthy.

Just simply, effortlessly like Ari. 

I'm not sure if the memory is so vivid only now in retrospect because of what has been lost since or if it was in fact, as sweet as I remember it being. 

The sun rose on a beautiful mid-October Saturday in Bend Oregon, after a lovely night spent with out-of-town friends: The Reel Rock Film Tour followed by meaningful conversations about our futures over a few too many IPAs. It had only been a week since I had decided to forgo my beer-free sentence: I would conquer the stomachache and embrace the flavor and culture of beer in this well-versed town. I only wish now, that I had made that decision many weeks earlier. My friend Brooke and I mused over the somewhat uncanny similarities in our life trajectories over the last decade and I shared with her my internal battle about whether to dive headfirst into medical school or to pursue a Naturopathic doctorate instead

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