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How Lauren was Able to Get Back Control of Her Life Through Movement + Creativity

We would like you to meet, Lauren.

With words that carry the kind of strength and hope that can so easily be forgotten while fighting a chronic illness, Lauren has been able to share with us a voice - her voice - that pushes us to see pain, obstacles, and the feeling of losing control of who you are, as every reason to live a life beyond the limitations of this disease. To seek out the things that make you happy, and to dream big and make those big dreams come true.

To see the impossible as possible, to create, build, and cherish a life that does not hide or become discouraged when the very real feelings of fear and self doubt arise. In fact, I'd say that Lauren teaches us that leaning into these feelings, though uncomfortable, can bring us more clarity and confidence than ever before. 

Here is Lauren's story...

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My Silver Lining

I could sit here and write a list of the hopeless Doctor appointments, words people have said, and cold nights, but I've learned from Lyme that the hardest day of your life can end up teaching you the most beautiful and miraculous things. Things that you will cherish forever.

No matter how much pain or sickness embodies this skin, these moments of holding the love of my life's hand, and laughing with my little sister, are what I hold onto and run with.

"Those moments are my silver lining; I do not need to be healed to be happy, or healed to be me." 

I have learned that through the most chaotic moments of life, there is a place in your heart, a place of peace that only you can enter...

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