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The Beauty In It All: A Story By Nicole Nakamura

Man, I did this "my story" thing for YouTube once upon a time, and I recently re-watched it to see how far I've come; I was living in Hawaii at the time, (my dream). And surfing as much as I could. Until the Lyme took a turn for the worse and I couldn't surf let alone carry my board down to the car. I slept through life and classes and couldn't work.

I was done, and I was sure I didn't want to fight anymore. Just like that. It all went away and I wanted to go away.

I didn't want to deal because I didn't think I could. Yet I came home for a semester to treat under close supervision, and I finally "gave in." I'd like to say I surrendered rather than gave up. I let myself heal. Gave permission. It was quite the thing you know. I didn't know that's what I was doing differently at the time...but it is; I finally allowed myself to not be a sick person, but to let myself be a healing person growing into my strengths.

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