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To The Dog That Smiled: A Letter to My Dog, Philippe
Do you remember the moment when we first met? 
I certainly do, but it was quite awhile ago so let me remind you.

Curled up in the back seat of our car with a running fever and sore throat, I pictured the triangle ears that framed your face and golden eyes. As I held this image of you in my head from the one photo we had, you suddenly appeared in the backseat, making yourself comfortable by curling up in the curve of my propped up legs. 

Without fail, you were always there. How is it that you understood everything without me having to say a word? I will continue to be in awe of you, your loyalty, bravery, stoicism, resilience, and charm.

I hope you knew how much I admired you. 
I hope you knew just how much you mean’t to me. 
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