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The Privilege In Knowing That I Was Sick: Discovering Beauty While Fighting Lyme Disease

The Beginning

When I was four my parents made the decision to leave their home country of Colombia and move to Raleigh, North Carolina. It wasn’t until many years later that I began to realize what a huge sacrifice that was. My parents left all that they knew for my brother and I to have the opportunity to do whatever we wanted with our lives. My mother showered us with unconditional support and motivated us to live whatever lives we wanted to live. This meant she worked from the bottom up, dawn to dusk, this meant coming to a country that we were undocumented in for some time. This decision, while terrifying for her, meant that I would get to travel, to question what I want to do. It meant that I was to have privilege.

When I got sick with lyme I began to question and resent the why. Why was I given this battle, why my family, haven’t we been through enough? What about all the other people who don’t have the resources to treat this disease? All those questions looming over me were the most difficult to process, and I’ve realized that part of my 'why' came from the selfishness that nobody wants to be the one with a chronic disease or any disease, and the denial...

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On Being Ok with Where We are Right Now: A Story By, Mikayla Vacher

This is, Mikayla,

Headstrong, courageous, empathetic, determined, loving, and optimistic, all while in the face of pain. In the face of obstacles so big they could crush you at a moments notice. With her unwavering hope and will to make this life, her life, an adventurous one, Mikayla encourages us to see all that we have (the people, places, and things...) as enough.

As more than enough. As every reason to keep pushing forward, even when the world around you does not seem to be working in your favor. Even when you find yourself trudging through the deep waters of anxiety and depression, desperately trying to make sense of the slew of symptoms coming at you from all directions, Mikayla helps us to see that this illness, so often seen as our weakness, can instead give us the strength that we need to create a life more than. 

To take all that we already are, and put it towards a life we fall in love with over and over again.

This is her story...

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