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A Few Words, by Annie Perkins: A Poetical Synopsis Through Losing One's Self to Chronic Illness & Why It Took Letting Go Believe in the Possibility of Healing

A few words,

Self, learn, honesty, trust, fear release, and possible.

Those seem to sum it. This journey has taken time. It has taken strength. It has taken following my intuition when things seems too daunting, too foggy, too confusing.

It had me take many long walks through the dark. I knew no matter how hard some times were, anything was better than going backwards. So I pushed, some days when I shouldn’t have, for five years now. The old phrase “If I knew then what I know now” echos through my mind. My life is so different now. Not only am I seeing progress, I am also beginning to become one version of myself, not many. I am becoming the me that lay hidden in the background for so many years, that I thought I left her.

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Here's To Not Giving Up: A Success Story After Sixteen Years Of Fighting Lyme Disease
October marks one year of being free, after sixteen years of intense, intense pain caused by Lyme disease.

I was diagnosed last May after so many years of trying to find answers, and I took a few months off to heal and help my body recover. Those month were extremely difficult, but I was able to find a few good doctors that helped me find a couple of treatments that truly changed my life. I still struggle with various symptoms: fatigue, muscle and join pain, brain fog, skin issues, etc., but those have been manageable and do not compare to the pain I felt in my back and abdomen. 

Over the last few years, things were getting so bad that I had a hard time standing or walking for extended periods, and if I had to for certain reasons, I would sneak off to “use the bathroom,” but what I was really doing was throwing up from the overwhelming pain I was experiencing.

I tried so hard to push through it for years, but it started controlling my life in ways that I couldn’t enjoy the things I loved. But it was October of last year where I started noticing the change.
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