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How Hitting Rock Bottom Change Lisanne's Life Forever + how She then Decided to Move Forward in Her Fight with Lyme

Written and carefully crafted, with an understanding that the words from her heart are worth sharing as they might fill another with reason or hope as to why this journey is worth fighting. As to why, sometimes, it takes hitting rock bottom to recognize the beauty in the every day, the love from family, the support of friends, the place you live, and the very real emotions and pain that you feel. 

It takes a courageous heart, a strong heart, and a vulnerable heart, to recognize when the truth that we're looking for already exists within us. That our ideas, turned creative endeavors, turned passions, turned the way in which we express who we are, don't come easy, and in order to keep them alive, we must work our very hardest. We must give it everything we've got to move past the pain, past the shaking hands, the blurry vision, and the ever-nauseating feeling in the pit of our stomach. 

We may fall, but when we do, we will always, always get back up. Lisanne brings this to light in this lovingly written piece, where she shares her lowest of lows, most treasured memories, and exactly what it takes to keep her mind alive with the hopes and dreams that drive her to create magic. 

This is her story...

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