Endurance: A Lyme Disease Story Founded On Persistence, Determination + the Reminder That You Are Not Alone

This is, Emily Teitsworth

Join me in watching and listening to Emily share her story of endurance: From doing everything she could to get out of bed in the morning to attend school, finishing school and running a global girls advocacy initiative, to summiting a 12,000ft tall volcano in Guatemala, Emily has made it her goal to get others the care and treatment that they deserve.

All in all

Since re-discovering her health after eight years of Lyme Disease wreaking havoc on her mind and body, she has found a way to overcome her debilitating symptoms, all while fighting to make accurate diagnoses, affordable treatment, and respectful care available to all. 

In her own words

I've had chronic neurological Lyme since 2006, and am incredibly lucky to have been mostly in remission for the past three years. When I was first lost in the fog of Lyme, fighting to survive day-to-day, bewildered by the controversy surrounding this illness, I held on to the stories of others as a lifeline.

When I finally felt well enough, I made a video about my own experience with Lyme in the hope that I could be that lifeline for someone else. 

Reflecting on what living with Lyme has meant to me, “endurance” is a word that I return to again and again. So many of us have learned to endure far beyond what we thought possible, persisting and surviving and finding strength in small victories.

This video is for anyone struggling to endure another day, a simple reminder that you are not alone.

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