Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Glamorous: Through Color, Love + the Stories that Go Unheard, Rora Blue is Creating a Whole New Platform to Share Your Voice From

Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Glamorous MTL
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Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Beautiful
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Why you should get to know Rora Blue

When we think of sharing, our mind often jumps to the thing that we're most familiar with, whether that be words, video, public speaking - or something terrifying that we'd rather not do. So when we are witness to someone sharing in a way you've never seen before, it can take a moment to catch your breath. To realize the power that we have to create an entire platform that gives a voice to those stories that we'd rather not share.

And to step back and see that we too could take a piece of ourselves and share from that place too.

The uncomfortable, painful, raw, vulnerable, and all too real thoughts. So many times I've written something out then erased it, even if it was only for my eyes. So many times I've gone to say something to someone and backed out at the last minute, as if my heart and mind are both trying to win me over. So many times I walk away with defeat heavy on my shoulders, while other times a deep feeling of satisfaction rests in my core. 

Or maybe I’m afraid that I might be misunderstood, broken, or accidentally say yes when I'd rather say no. 

Either way, sharing is one of the most terrifying yet impactful things we can do, and Rora has created another way for us to open up. To step out of our comfort zone and say what it is we wish to say, while in a safe, collaborative space, full of others doing the exact same thing. 

Getting slightly uncomfortable

With that in mind, I suggest you take a moment to peek into the world of Rora, a creative, artistic, empathetic, and adventurous young woman who has braved the world of story telling in a whole new light.

And we are lucky enough to have her share her Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Wonderful, with us here, as well as a glimpse at all the other incredible projects she going on, over on her website and Instagram.

Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Glamorous

Rora Blue is a new media artist based in California.

She produces conceptual and interactive artwork that is defined by striking colors. Her art merges the worlds of art and social media. 

In her own words...

"I created Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Glamorous in response to living with chronic Lyme disease. I was diagnosed with Lyme in 2016 after a few misdiagnoses and experiencing many symptoms since 2015. The series is a way for me to reimagine my pain. All of the elements in the photos tied directly to things I have encountered during my treatment. The color scheme is Doxycycline blue; an antibiotic that is given to most people when they are first diagnosed with Lyme." 

The Unsent Project 



Created by artist, Rora Blue

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