On Finding Your Voice, Hope in the Broken + Passion for what You Love: Charlotte Gomes Journey with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease

Charlotte Gomes MTL Story

This my friends, is Charlotte

It's about the little things, the moments that you so often look over; the subtle shifts and changes that take place through adversity, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and often pain.

It's you, and how you choose to see the world and share your voice in any given moment, no matter the task at hand. 

Charlotte has taken all of this (spreads arms up, down, and all around) and uses it as every reason to lead with curiosity and live life with passion and drive for what she loves. She takes the good, the flawed, the beautiful, and the painful, and mixes it all together until those around her can feel the vibrations of hope that she radiates through every action, thought, pursuit, and conversation.

Let's dive in, shall we? 

"Vulnerability is not weakness. It is the most accurate measurement of courage." – Brené Brown

We live in a world that pushes us to think we need to be 100% all the time, that we cannot show our weaknesses, our scars. We cannot tell people that something’s wrong or something has changed. It’s so frustrating to see the lack of authenticity because deep down all we crave for is connection, being able to find someone who is going through the same things as us and realize we’re not alone. With social media we have the incredible power to shed light on the things that matter to us, we can choose to be our own voice and make a difference. So why not start now?

It’s important for me to open up about my story today. I’ve always had this belief that we need to wait for the storm to pass to talk about the lessons we’ve learned from our difficult times but things have changed now and my wish is to share a story of hope and love and learn with you how to ‘dance in the rain’.

I’ve been fighting chronic neurological Lyme disease (+co-infections) for the past two years, I didn’t get a warning – I just got sick one day and the pain never left. If you know someone with chronic Lyme disease you know how debilitating it can be, and the terrible things we have to face including the lack of support and help from people and doctors. It took 35 medical appointments in two different countries, 5 MRIs, and countless tests (still ongoing!) and an amazing doctor for me to get a proper diagnosis. I got diagnosed less than one year ago, so for a year I’ve just been told the same thing over and over again: "Charlotte nothing’s wrong with you, you don’t look sick, it’s all in your head." I’m not gonna lie, these past two years have been a nightmare, there are days where I don’t even know how I can cope with the constant pain anymore, both physically and mentally, but that’s okay because I know I need to go through this to get better.

I’m 9 months into treatment, and It’s not showing any improvements yet, but I remain hopeful as I’m always looking for alternative treatments that could work, there’s no way I’m giving up! I had to make sacrifices for my health. I left Brighton with a heavy heart, I had to give up on my dream to move to Canada (for now) – I’m at a turning point where I need to create new dreams, because this whole thing is changing me, for the better. Yes, the broken pieces have turned me into someone I’m even more proud of. I’m learning to trust the process by collecting the lessons and inspiration from this painful experience because there’s hope to be found in the broken. It’s amazing to see what we’re capable of and how strong we can be when facing adversity.

Charlotte Gomes MTL Story

I haven’t blogged or posted on Social Media in a while; my way of dealing with my situation has been to channel my energy into work. My love and passion for Project Light Agency has never been so strong, I finally found my purpose and my way of infusing positive change into the world (through music and beyond). I’ve tripled the number of clients this year and I now have the best results since the start of my career- because passion for my job makes me come alive.

I want you to know that no matter how bad your situation might seem, never lose hope, you can find strength in the small things. Cling onto the things that remind you of who you are, don’t let the pain invade your soul, don’t let it change you into someone you’re not. If you’re reading this and you’re going through a tough time, know that you’re so much braver than you think. Our better days are yet to come and they will wash away all the suffering that we’ve had to overcome. It will be worth it. In the meantime, keep using your voice as a vehicle of change, embrace the vulnerability of your story, create memories.

Together we can make a difference and it starts right here, right now. 

A creator at heart, Charlotte has found ways to keep doing what she loves while navigating the often extremely unpleasant, unfair, and choppy waters that is living with a Chronic Illness. To find out where and what she channels her creativity into, head on over to her...

Website: Charlotte Gomes

Instagram: @gomescharlotte

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