Body Talk: On the Relationship Between Film, the Body, and Lyme Disease

Everyone, this is Amy

And her story she's sharing today is a little different-- ok maybe that's the wrong words choice, but I promsie I mean that as an entirely good thing, really.

Here goes an attempt at explaining why that is: On a day to day, the way we absorb, process, and release information can change drastically, and often without any warning at all. 

We could end up facing emotional triggers we didn't even know were there, or needing to make room for a good laugh: a light digest, some might say. Or maybe, a story structured around treatment ideas, weighted failures, and triumphs filled with mixed emotions, is what's needed most--- regardless of what or how (podcast, video, poem, instagram, a phone call with a good friend, simple heart emoji, or something completely unrelated to chronic illness), there's room for every kind.

In a story like this one. A poem. A visual representation of how, in that very moment, Amy was inspired to share her experience, her process, and how she chooses to express her relationship with Lyme Disease. Today anyway. 

And my gosh am I glad that she did. 

if reading the poem is more appropriate for the mood of the day

Here's Body Talk, a poem by Amy Bobeda

"What I talk about when I write about the body,

in the adapted screenplay—a decade

played back in ninety minutes.

Shot in a waiting room, a three year old copy of People Magazine,

asking, “Who wore it better?” 

And all I can think about is the hand holding the crinkled pages, writing this experimental treatment.  A science fiction melodrama

set in the wild west of my organ systems.

Body Talk: A Story By Amy Bobeda

The outlaws, top-billed

babesia, bartonella, borrelia burgdorferi—

sounds like Bergdorf’s, where handbags cost too much too.

Color-coded tubes and thousand dollar filters drain the blood 

from my face, arms, torso, 

drawing out the enemy

until their white flags hang high within my organ system.


An invasion of the Body Snatchers, shot in living, breathing color.

The studio says “take two,” and “we’ll call you in the morning.”

And I pop another pill

to conquer the microbes in my biome, outnumbered ten to one.

Ending with a long shot, somewhere near a kidney

Where I realize there are two producers of this picture:

the microbes and me."

Let's stay in touch! 

You can find more of Amy, her witty and uplifting art, musings, adventures, and thoughts, on her blog, as well as Instagram (both here & here!).

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