Featured Artist Arielle Coree, Shares Soulful Words For The Healing Heart: A Collection of Poetry and Soul Musings for Those on a Healing Journey

Soulful Words For The Healing Heart, Poetry By Arielle Coree

More times than I can count, Arielle’s words have popped into my head, on my screen, and now, between the pages of this book, at the exact moment I need them most.

Moments where you’re craving something but you’re not sure what. Where you feel paralyzed in every thought, movement, and decision. When the day that you thought you had a hold of, somehow manages to crumble into a heaping mess of anxiety before you.

Moments that leave you feeling exhausted, in the best kind of way.

Moments that leave you feeling helpless.

Moments that keep asking more and more from you.

Less than a month ago, Arielle released a collection of poems and musings for the healing heart, and as I hold the book between my hands, somehow already worn in its short lifespan of just three weeks, I can’t help but take a step back, noticing just how many of you are doing SUCH incredible things within this community.

Writing books, painting, making jewelry, singing, becoming doctors, sewing, creating, as well as supporting, encouraging, listening, and making room for more artists and makers to join the scene, however and in whatever format suits them best.

And maybe we’re in a place where everything seems to be out of reach.

Where you have those goals and ideas, but the obstacles between you and them are just too big.

We want to make space for that too. For all of it. Nothing it too small and everyone deserves to be celebrated because everyone plays a role in what makes this space what it is. So thank you.

Here’s to the beginning of our “featured artists,” a monthly highlight.

Below you’ll find a handful of poems I pulled from Arielle’s book, as well as her introduction to help you get a feel for what it’s all about.

Let’s dive in.

Within these pages you will find the unfiltered and spirit filled words of my soul. Some of these were written in the depths of depression while others were written to capture the fleeting moments of hope, light and empowerment. Some are directly related to my personal healing journey with Lyme and others are simply a tribute to life in this world as a soulful and highly sensitive woman with dreams larger than the Universe itself. There is no right or wrong way to experience this collection of thoughts.

You can read it from cover to cover, you can use it to accompany your morning tea by intuitively flipping to whatever page feels right in the moment. There is no table of contents, no order, no expectation, no pressure, and no preaching within this bound collection. It is merely a glimpse into the soul of a woman finding her way in life and sending love, light and healing to those she encounters. Let these words fill your soul, cradle your heart and ignite within you a sense of passion, purpose and above all...magic. Write in the pages, doggy ear the corners, let it get cooked in the sun.

This is a co-creation. I invite your thoughts, your feelings and your energy to dance among my words and blanket these pages like the stars do in the sky. Don’t just read what is written. Feel it. Taste it. Live it.

The world is so wrapped up in telling us who we are.

So, I am going to tell you who you are not.

Are you ready?

You are not your relationship status or job title.

You are not your degree or lack of degree.

You are not your income level or debt.

You are not what others think of you or the fears you hold.

You are not the car you drive or the house you call home.

You are not the illness you are healing or the limiting thoughts that haunt you.

You are not unworthy, unseen or unloved.

Maybe if we focus more on what we are not.

What we ARE will become a bit clearer in our minds.

So, we know what and who you are not.

Now, show the world who you are.

Some days it feels as thought I am searching for

something without knowing exactly what that something is.

I grow unsettlingly quiet.

It can seem like I am retreating or in another world all together.

But I am still here.

Reaching for something.

Trusting I will know it when I feel it.

Struggling ot make peace with this energetic haze.

Searching fo the light I know is there.

When you have these kinds of days.

Lean into these words.

You are human.

Some days will feel lighthearted.

Others may feel as though you are walking through honey.

Give ourself the permission to feel it all.

Know that wherever you are.

I am alongside you.

Reminding myself to do the same.

Never ignore what you feel drawn to.

Explore every nook and cranny of this world that speaks to your heart.

Pay attention to those parts of life that soothe your soul and intentional invite more of them into your space.

Spend more time in the places that make you feel alive and in alignment with the pulse of your divine vibration.

Surround yourself with people who celebrate your unique essence and remove those who suppress or doubt your potential.

You are not one of many.

You are one of a kind.

You are a wild, irreplaceable, soulful, gift to this world.

Stand tall and allow your golden light to effortlessly shine.

I promise, the world will never again be the same.

I wonder if Mother Earth felt discomfort as these mountains formed.

Did she sense the rumblings of change and how they grew stronger over time?

Did she feel the buildup of tension between her plates as the ground was forced upward toward the sky?

Did she fall in love with this transformation and immediately notice her beauty?

Or did she need more time?

Some may argue that we will never know.

But I disagree.

Because I know that personal transformation is uncomfortable.

I notice and acknowledge these rumblings of change.

I feel the tension between my past and my rise.

And as for the last question, it will take time.

It will take time to fall in love with each new version of yourself.

But trust me when I say, the day will come.

And when it does.

Someone, somewhere will pause.

Take in the beauty of your presence.

And feel the ripple of change you create just by being you.

On the days it feels impossibly scary to step into your power.

When you are frozen by fear and overwhelmed with thought.

Trust that simply leaning in is enough.

Gift yourself this sacred time in preparation for the big leap that lies ahead.

Close your eyes.

Place both hands on top of your heat.

Feel the stead rise and gentle fall of your chest as you steady your breath.

Allow your soul to melt into alignment.

Feel the pieces of your perfectly imperfect being fall into place.

Observe the way your mind goes still.

This is your natural state.

A state of ease, rest and serenity.

This is the art of connecting to your inner self.

This moment is more than enough.

This is your way home.

You are more than.

More than your illness and all your fears.

More than your past and all your mistakes.

You are more than.

You are more than what others think of you.

More than what you think of yourself.

You are more than.

More than there are stars in the sky.

More than there are grains of san don all the shores.

You are more than.

And until the day you wake up and find power, meaning and identity in this truth.

Hold onto those who remind you daily—that you are more than.

About the Author

Soulful Words For The Healing Heart Poetry By Arielle Coree

Arielle Coree is a podcast creator, inspirational speaker, intuitive mentor, and author. She is a mountain loving soul who resides in Denver, CO and has a deep passion for helping to inspire, empower, and heal others. From a very young age, she felt the stir in her heart to change the world. But, not just any world—the female world. Through her life experiences she has created online courses, intuitive services, communities, and mentorship programs that help women rediscover their authenticity, confidence, identity, and personal power. She believes we are all on this journey of life and each one of us deserves to break free from the shadows of our past and begin to rise, bloom and thrive as a community of female warriors.

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