My Silver Lining

I could sit here and write a list of the hopeless Doctor appointments, words people have said, and cold nights, but I've learned from Lyme that the hardest day of your life can end up teaching you the most beautiful and miraculous things. Things that you will cherish forever.

No matter how much pain or sickness embodies this skin, these moments of holding the love of my life's hand, and laughing with my little sister, are what I hold onto and run with.

"Those moments are my silver lining; I do not need to be healed to be happy, or healed to be me." 

I have learned that through the most chaotic moments of life, there is a place in your heart, a place of peace that only you can enter. So, when the night grows cold, your bones are shaking in pain, and you can find peace, enter your place of peace in your heart and surrender yourself to the now and not the future.

Here's to many more chaotic, beautiful, peaceful, and brave nights ahead.

Yours Forever,


*A Quick Note: Sharing our story and letting your voice be heard amidst the chaos and pain of fighting this disease (or anything, fighting anything at all!) is one of the bravest things you could do. So, with that, I would like you to take a moment, allowing yourself to see all that you have already done, and all that you have yet to do as being enough.

Candace, thank you for your resilience, bravery, and voice. You are so much more than. 

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