My Reason For Hope

Written By: Logan Garrels 

"There are times I try really hard to remember what it was like when I wasn't sick, and I've been sick so long I'm not sure what I was like. I know at some points I was confident, funny and smart. I know what those words mean, but I cannot feel them anymore. 

I am no longer confident, but anxious and shy away from people and situations I used to thrive in. I can no longer laugh. My funny bone has been replaced with sadness and anger and frustration. And I am no longer smart. Searching for words lost in the green abyss. Getting lost in conversations. These things I took for granted. 

Over the past seven years I have been stripped of them by the bacteria taking a stronghold on my body and infiltrating my mind. 

Today? Today, I see a shell of my former self. While I know there is a long, arduous road ahead in my recovery, there is also a chance for rebuilding. That is my only hope; the only thing I have to hold on to each minute, each hour, each day of pain and discomfort."

Chloe O'NeillComment