The More Than Lyme Holiday Gift Guide

Photo By, Adam Mckibben // Edited By, Aly Shwedo

Photo By, Adam Mckibben // Edited By, Aly Shwedo

The women at More Than Lyme have decided to put together a gift guide this holiday season, and we are SO EXCITED. As our community has grown, and the connections have expanded, I began to realize how many extremely talented Lyme fighters there are. Strong women and men who are hustling passion projects not only as a means to help pay for medical costs, but as a way to heal - a way to cope, and use their creativity to find a place of meaning, strength, and compassion. A place where we can feel MORE: More than our illness. More than our struggle. More Than Lyme.

We use our words, our photos, our crafts, and handmade items in different ways, but it usually comes back to one single thing: Storytelling. There is a little piece of each of these amazing fighters in their work, and with that, we hope to continue to find ways to connect and support each other. 

So whether or not you're a fellow Lyme fighter yourself, take a look at our guide of some of our favorite products for this holiday season. By supporting one another, if even in small ways, we add to our greater collective strength. 

And keep your eyes open for the MORETHANLYME coupon code! Many shops are offering discounts for a limited time only!

Video made by our very own, Aly Shwedo

Chloe O'Neill and Melissa Cox | MTL + LDKMV

Melissa: "I officially joined Chloe and The More Than Lyme team as Creative Director this past summer. A couple of years back when I was newly diagnosed and treating, I created #LymeDontKillMyVibe, a hashtag to connect community, along with LDKMV merchandise to spread awareness through positivity. With each of us bringing new designs on board, Chloe and I decided to combine our products for two MTL + LDKMV Holiday Bundles. Chloe (and Aly) have been major inspirations through my healing: they've shown me endless support, kindness, adventures, and most certainly helped ignite my passion to create again."

Chloe: "This community has provided me with a greater sense of understanding, one that I couldn't ever have imagined; before More Than Lyme, I never once faced this disease with an open mind. I refused to understand it, and in turn, it worked against me in every way possible. I let the negativity consume me, the symptoms define me, and it's very existence take control of my life. Of the moments I had yet to live. Rather, I was living beneath it, surrendering to its every request. That is until I met all of you. You heard me. You heard my voice, and not only that, but you encouraged it to thrive, and it's from that that this community came to be.

Now, I get to work alongside some of the most amazing people (looking at you!), all while pursuing goals that a couple years ago would have felt impossible. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you. Thank you for giving us the support and love that we need to do the very thing that fills us up to the brim. And Melissa + Aly, it is an honor to have you part of the team. Really, don't know what I would do without you two." 

SHOP the MTL + LDKMV Holiday Bundles: Adventure Bundle ($40) + Journey Bundle ($90)

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Shannon Donegan | Inner Echo

"Living with Lyme, I wanted to find something I could do anywhere (ideally from bed!) that allowed me to be creative and incorporated my love of gemstones/crystals as well as meditation/yoga. With the help of my wonderful cousin and now business partner, Tara, Inner Echo was born! We create malas, bracelets/wraps, and essential oil blends, all with authentic high vibe gemstones for the manifester, the yogi, and the dreamer."

SHOP Inner Echo for 20% OFF entire store through December. No coupon needed.

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Laura Ehler | Laura's Natural Life

"I decided to create Laura's Natural Life because with chronic illness, it's easy to slip into a negative mindset. With a creation mindset, you cannot be negative, you're only proactive. Creation gives me a sense of accomplishment and I love that the products I create can also positively impact someone else's life." 

SHOP using the 15% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at the LNL Shop. (All Christmas orders must be made by Dec. 8th!)

JOIN the Clean Beauty Academy and Crave-Free Cleanse for online classes on how to detox your beauty bag and live a cleaner lifestyle.

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Ina Dayle Melendez |INA DAYLE

"I’m a very passionate person, I’ve known ever since I can remember that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. My degree is in Fashion Design and although its one of my biggest passions, when Lyme started to take over that was the first thing I had to let go of. At least for now. I was bedridden 99% of the time and decided to focus that time on myself. Learning and growing each day. I fell upon essential oils through my treatment and they helped me so much I decided to start teaching about them and selling them. One day I had a dream about a recipe for a cream to help eczema. I woke up and wrote it down and then went back to bed. I had never made anything like that before, but the result was amazing. I kept having these dreams, or like a friend of mine says - visions, and kept making new recipes. I realized this is one of my passions that I hadn’t known before. To me, it’s not like the skincare you’d normally imagine. I don’t have “formulas,” I have recipes. My products aren’t meant to “cure” anything, they are meant to make you feel good."

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Jamie Israel | James Michelle Jewelry

"Life’s twists and turns have a funny way of leading us to paths we had never thought of taking. A new mother to her amazing son, James started feeling that something just wasn’t right, and it wasn’t just an aversion to dirty diapers! Soon it was doctors appointments and stab-in-the-dark diagnosis and the feeling that the mystery illness would never be solved. After being poked and prodded until she felt like a pin cushion an answer was finally found, the mystery illness now had a name, Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, naming the disease didn’t make it go away, and as with many things, sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. There were wheelchairs, picc lines to deliver antibiotics into the ultimate pumping system, the heart, a broken marriage, and the loss of parents. But through it all, James knew she had to do something that would define her beyond her illness, that would make her memorable for all the right reasons, while allowing her to support herself and her son. So lying in bed one day, watching the antibiotics flow through the IV, she made a necklace from her bedside and posted it online in hopes she could make some money to buy some advil.  Little did she know that the seed had just been planted that would eventually grow into James Michelle Jewelry."

SHOP rings, necklaces, gemstones and more at James Michelle

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Veronica Janik |The Common Woman

"Creating a small business started as a means of survival in a world that has, for the last several years, felt like something I didn't quite fit into. As fate would have it, the decision evolved and unfolded into a means of radical growth and healing. It has become a way to redefine myself in my own image while staying true to my creative and rebellious nature."

SHOP using the 15% coupon code MORETHANLYME at The Common Woman for bath + beauty, home decor, and crystals! 

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Ashley Mersereau | Roots and Wings Jewelry

"I began creating jewelry for myself about 5 years ago, and it's slowly grown into a full time business since then. I am inspired by the colors and shapes of my coastal home, and I love doing something that adds a little bit of beauty to the world. This is especially true as someone dealing with the often sad, dark parts of living with a chronic illness. I won't lie, running my own business while having Lyme has been incredibly hard at times, but it's also been incredibly rewarding, and brought so much joy and fulfillment to my life. I hope my pieces bring a little bit of joy into other people's lives as well, and make them feel powerful when they wear them!"

SHOP using the coupon code MORETHANLYME at Roots and Wings, Ashley Mersereau Jewelry

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Lauren Ziegler | Wild Fox Whispers

"My paintings, continuously inspired by experiences in nature, have been a place to express beyond words. Since my ability to paint and explore like I used to both shifted, I began painting small watercolors of flowers and animals. Turning some of these into stickers has been a simple way to share my mini creations."

SHOP using the 10% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at Wild Fox Whispers

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Alex Dierkes | Blackfoot Beading

"Having Chronic Lyme disease for 14 years has definitely taken its fair share of tolls, but I was tired of letting it control me. I created Blackfoot Beading as a start to something bigger. To prove to myself that I can accomplish so many things despite this disease."

SHOP using the 10% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at Blackfoot Beading 

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Kami Lingren | Eight Fourteen Designs

"Creating has always been a part of me. While Lyme has drastically changed my reality, blogging - and now this shop - have become my outlets that keep that creative spirit alive. It fills me so much to help others and/or see a design I've created framed in someone's home or displayed on their blog!"

SHOP using the 15% off coupon code MORETHANLYME (off any purchase of $15+) at Eight Fourteen Designs for prints or pre-made design templates!

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Krissy Sunflower | Vivawild

"Evan and I created Vivawild Power Animal Pendants with Positive Affirmations to bring out the best in people, empowering them to follow their bliss, rise above adversity, and to help cultivate deep self love. It is scientifically proven that what we focus on builds stronger synapses in our brain to reinforce those thoughts and qualities. The biggest lesson I learned while navigating my journey with Lyme disease and healing my mind, body, and soul was learning to love myself with compassion, respect, and fully honoring my truth. The relationship we have with ourself sets the stage for every relationship and choice we make. Through our sacred animal medallions, I hope to support Lyme warriors shift into a vibration of love and gratitude, so that fear can be dissolved and profound healing can begin to take place."

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Kacie Fleming | Katya Valera + Streetlights at Midnight

" I started Katya Valera on a whim about a year after I got sick, and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. I still love making jewelry as much as I did when I started, and this shop will somehow reach its fifth anniversary on December 9th, with a huge celebration starting on Instagram on December 4th! Meanwhile my dusty Creative Writing degree had been needing attention, so I started Streetlights at Midnight last year, which offers original cards, prints, and printables with an emphasis on faith and chronic illness. I love both shops dearly, and the flexibility of running my own small businesses paired with the creative outlet/distraction is perfect for my current health situation."

SHOP using the 10% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at both Katya Valera Jewelry and Streetlights at Midnight

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Hannah Moore | The Trendy Stop

"I had been very sick for several years with Chronic Lyme and I knew I needed to do something therapeutic to help get throught the days. I learned to sew when I was young, so I picked it back up just for fun, and next thing I know, friends were asking to buy my scarves. I set up an Etsy shop and it's been the one thing that has gotten me through the roughest years, adding fulfillment, flexibility, and joy." 

SHOP using the 15% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at The Trendy Stop

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Elise Graham | Honey + Vinegar Print Shop

"My background is in web and graphic design, and I started a blog when I was sick where I updated friends + family on my health and also made custom graphics. I soon had people asking for prints, and Honey + Vinegar was born. Even at my sickest, I had an innate desire to design beautiful things to brighten the dark world around me and help others do the same. Now that I'm working again, I update my shop with favorite quotes and custom requests to bring a little joy into people's lives."

SHOP 20% off Honey + Vinegar for instant downloadable prints by using the code, MORETHANLYME

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Kerissa Bearce | TX Stitch

"When you have Lyme, you would give anything to be able to do more. I started stitching because my body said, "sorry you have to stay in bed." I had never created anything artistic with my hands before this. I'm grateful for it giving me the creativity that I wouldn't have otherwise discovered."

SHOP using the 10% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at TX Stitch for patches and cross stitch downloadable patterns 

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Macayla Lavender | Lyme Fighters Apparel

"Lyme Disease can be isolating and you can feel alone in one of the hardest battles of your life. So, I created Lyme Fighters to help show that you are never alone, that there are people who care and understand. I also created it to raise awareness for this disease and its many co-infections"

SHOP using the 10% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at Lyme Fighters

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Madeline Reilly | Bergamot Jewels

"I began creating when I got sick because I used to be a serious ballet dancer, but when I couldn't dance anymore, I needed something to keep me busy without draining my energy. So I taught myself how to knit and make jewelry, and I realized I could still express myself artistically in spite of the pain. That realization has grown into this business and is one of the accomplishments I'm most proud of!"

SHOP using the 15% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at Beramont Jewels

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Sharane Dorrah | PESKYS Insect-Repellant Apparel

"I started Peskys because I wanted to turn my journey with lyme into a positive, and I felt that if through awareness or the product itself, if I helped save another person from having the same lyme experience, then it was all worth it. Holding onto the hope and vision of Peskys often got me through some of my most painful and difficult hours."

SHOP using the 15% off coupon code MORETHANLYME at Peskys

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