Jenny Patterson


Welcome to the second feature on More Than Lyme! A YOU DAY

Meet Jenny. In this story we follow a vibrant young soul who has a hard time saying no to an adventure. Her curious demeanor and calming aura will captivate you just as it did me. Lets take a peak into what it takes to live a life with Lyme to it's fullest.

Q: On a day all to yourself--what is your favorite way to wake up? (Coffee/tea in bed, a walk, yoga etc)

Jenny: My favorite way to wake up is with bulletproof coffee in a french press, Califia almond milk unsweetened and some MCT oil with cinnamon and stevia! When I'm alone then like to do some meditation, guided or otherwise-visualization and chanting.  I prefer to do some gentle yin poses and such beforehand to warm up and then settle my mind.  Or, I like to journal along with Yoga-these are two vehicles of coping and transformation that have served my experience and healing with chronic illness for 20 years!  I started in college at 22 and will be 44 May 3rd…

Q: What are your favorite snacks/food items to bring along on a solo adventure? Or do you stop at a favorite place before to pick up a smoothie or lunch to go?

Jenny: Favorite snacks are usually hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, radishes…chicken salad…spinach etc smoothie or a true treat like Project Juice cold pressed all green juices!

Q: What kind of places intrigue you/motivate you. That inspires you to adventure. Somewhere you'd want to hang out at for an afternoon. (Maybe pick a place or a couple places around your home that you love to explore or just visit frequently.)

Jenny: My adventure places that are most inspiring and I find I push myself to go most when I'm feeling the worst…20 minutes to the beach in Half Moon Bay…I'm a so cal girl, growing up mostly by beaches in Orange County and HS/college in LA…so it settles my soul and gives me strength and perspective.  Living now in Nor Cal, I LOVE Muir Woods…in the Redwoods you are reminded how powerful it is to feel small in a good way.  The beauty and quiet is essential…I really feel spirit in the woods as well as the beach. Nature right? Any nature we get to frees our soul, right?!

"Better keep yourself clean and bright;

You are the window through which you

Must see the world

-George Bernard Shaw

Q: Lastly, on this day--are you constantly aware of your Lyme (and all that goes along with it) Does it find a way to creep into your day--make you feel or think differently? If so how best do you overcome that feeling and push through?

Jenny: This is a really good question…I think I am always conscious of my symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, memory issues and physical weakness or achy muscles.  It's been 20 years, so with that comes an inherent ability to push through in this reality without it being constantly on my mind…only to measure my ability to task or prioritize with energy I have or think I will have…I'm a type A person in a Lyme body, so invariably I push too much, but also psychologically-emotionally-mentally…I need to go on adventures, out with girlfriends, walk to far, hike UP hills and pay the price later to remind myself that I am NOT this disease and that I have an even greater sense of gratitude for simple things, quality friendships, quite meditative time and just getting errands done because it's been an up hill journey all the way.

My quality of life now versus when I was younger is so much better and I am so much closer to better health with resources I have now I didn't have in the past…I really see the light at the end of this tunnel AND that is most inspiring. I will add that I suppose I am conscious of my 'Lyme' but it serves me best to embrace and listen to my body and mind…and when I surrender and let go of the grip…then I'm in the flow and that's when all is well in the world and when I have the greatest focus, faith and fortitude.  I spent many years in my youth more lonely, grief stricken, in trauma and a greater surreal sense of reality I call it…this brain fog…but no one can tell, as I manage to be articulate and when I'm down…well it's pretty brief.  Getting out adventuring reminds me I am alive and Lyme doesn't win…my spirit wins.

Continue to follow her story as she shows the world how much more than her Lyme she really is: @unrefinedgirl