Alicia Katy


Welcome to More Than Lyme's very first feature! This weeks theme is... A YOU DAY.

Meet Alicia, an adventurous soul that has an undeniable love for the Ocean. This is her story--a mere glimpse into the life of a beautiful human suffering from a relentless disease called Lyme.

Q: On a day all to yourself--what is your favorite way to wake up?

Alicia: Slowly! I love taking my time in the mornin'. sippin' on my favorite organic coconut coffee from hawaii is always an added bonus to my day :)

Q: What are your favorite snacks/food items to bring along on a solo adventure? Or do you stop at a favorite place before to pick up a smoothie or lunch to go?

Alicia: Suja juice! The '12 essentials' is amazing! Also some trail mix. No pun intended :)

Q: What kind of places intrigue you/motivate you. That inspire you to adventure. Somewhere you'd want to hang out at for an afternoon. (Maybe pick a places or a couple places around your home that you love to explore or just visit frequently.)

Alicia: The beach! Whether it's exploring/hiking the coast, free diving/playing in the water, seashell hunting, or watching the sunrise or sunset next to the tide. Anything and every thing turquoise and salty inspires me. It's all therapy for my soul.

Q: Lastly, on this day--are you constantly aware of your Lyme (and all that goes along with it) Does it find a way to creep into your day--make you feel or think differently? If so how best do you overcome that feeling and push through?

Alicia: I usually don't think about my Lyme when I'm near the ocean. It naturally soothes any anxieties, fears, or pain I have or am feeling. Even before my diagnosis it made me feel at total peace with myself and the world around me. It's when I'm away from my happy place when I am fully aware of my disease. Lets be real, I would be a complete liar if I said it doesn't affect me at all. Of course it does! Before Lyme I never once hesitated to take the road less traveled, walk barefoot in the woods, create my own hiking trails, but now in the back of my head I have a reminder and more of an awareness of being safe and cautious alongside trying to keep my free spirit mentality. Lyme has also taught me to appreciate good health on a whole different level.  I will absolutely never take good health for granted ever again. Every day you wake up with good health, you are blessed beyond words. I wish I could've talked to my self at 21 and told that young, vibrant, full of energy girl that no matter what emotions or roller coaster life has you on, if you have your health, you truly have everything.

"Every heart that has a beat

strongly and cheerfully

has left a hopeful impulse

behind in the world,

and bettered the

tradition of mankind"

-Robert Louis Stevenson


Continue to follow her story as she shows the world how much more than her Lyme she really is: @aliciakatyyy