MTL Membership

Hello all!

It’s so wonderful to have you here, I’m both wildly excited and quite nervous—not because I don’t want to be, but because this feels like something I’ve wanted to “bring to life” for awhile now, and now that it’s here, I might be experiencing a bit of shock!

So, what are we doing and why are we doing it? What is the motive and purpose behind this membership?

Well, it’s quite simple: after our last event in Portland, it was clear that I wanted to make that feeling of being together more attainable, and this was a way I saw doing just that! 

A way to take the feeling of un-wavering support and inspiration, and bring it directly you. A way to meet you where you’re at, as I realize that though attending these events might be a goal of yours, it’s not always available to you. Or maybe you are able to attend but would like to make that feeling more part of your every day. 

Though I will guide you through the whereabouts, I suggest that you take a look around for yourself! See what’s available to you, and after you’ve spent some time here, taking note of and letting me know if there’s anything you feel is missing or could be improved upon. That’s what this trial period is all about: fine-tuning so that when we open the doors for the entire community come January 2019, we’ll have made sure it is the best it can be, together. 

Does that sound ok? And lastly, I’d love to hear why you decided to show up?

Why are you here and what would you like to takeaway from it? We’ll be going over these questions, as well as a few others, during our discussions at the end of the month, though do feel free to hop in there at any point! You can find the discussion board in our Creative Collective.

Thank you so much for being here, let’s starting highlighting and celebrating all the ways in which we are more than, shall we? 

Love always,


PS. There will also be visual and aesthetic changes happening, so if new graphics pop up, or things look different on any given day, know that we’re simply working away behind the scenes for it not only be an empowering place to hang out, but for it to be visually pleasing as well (priorities, you know?)

To help you navigate, I created a little video.

Feel free to refer back, whenever you might need it.

To continue to explore around, go ahead and head back to the dashboard!