What It Means to Find Your People: Thoughts on Coming Together + Being Part of an Unbreakable Community


I am just now emerging from five days spent nestled in a log cabin along the mackenzie river with a handful of my favorite people... 

Preparing for a wedding that would very quickly reaffirm my meaning of community and what it really means to come together, and in turn, building something out of very little. Rather, out of a few bits of wire, twin, and netting, some eucalyptus and dahlia's, dried willow branches, two incredible chefs (one of which happens to be my mom), at least 150 polaroid pictures, and an out-the-door line up of hard workers, at a location that was on the cusp of a rapidly approaching wildfire, two miles away to be exact. 

I've always felt extremely fortunate to be part of such a supportive and loving family, pinching myself every so often to make sure that what I was feeling and witnessing was real (I'm not joking when I say I pinch myself, if not physically then metaphorically). Now, it wasn't until fairly recently that I realized just how lucky I was. Just how rare being surrounded by people that encourage me to go for it really is. To take the ideas that I had and not to not just sit on them, but actually grab hold of their core, bringing shape to something I had no idea was even possible. 

Before I go any further, I want to make sure that I'm being very mindful of how I approach the topic of family and community, knowing that my naiveté and privilege plays a role in how I look and see things. Most importantly, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or out of place. I want you to think of this as a place where you are given the chance to be part of a support system that might not have been there before. 

So if I do say something that doesn't sit well with you, please do let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Because this isn't about me, and it never will be.

These Real Talk's are about pulling from experiences I've had and using them to try and create an even better, more all-motivating, community-inspired, creativity-filled, and idea-generating family of like-minded, resilient, and adventurous people like yourself. 

Because guess what? This kind of place can't be built on it's own.

We need hands, and lots of them. Hands that aren't afraid to get dirty, minds that aren't deterred by mental blockades, and bodies that can push through pretty much anything, no less a chronic illness that has the power to strip you of everything from your confidence to your ability to see yourself as worthy enough to live.

To really, really live. 

And that my friends, is where I will loop back around to a place that I have learned to pull from again and again. No matter how much I fear the thoughts in my head or throbbing of pressure in my neck as I attempt to make sense of a seemingly simple and sensible moments, for instance, like brushing my teeth, taking a shower, or at times, holding a conversation, let alone one that makes sense to all involved parties. 

This place, where no one person has to carry it all.

Where we forgive and give each other space when space is needed.

To take the pressure off and build from a place of excitement over what's to come, rather than the list of things we have yet to do.

Where we work together, using the tools that we have while creating new ones. Ones that can passed along for others to make use of. 

To lean in close when we begin to shut ourselves out, reminding ourselves that we already are enough.

Where we are encouraged to not just face our fears, but walk alongside them, even when all all we want to do is run the other direction. 

This place, it's here with all of you, and I hope that you see and feel that too.

I don't quite have my thoughts put together after this weekend, but I suppose that's why I'm here, to try and convey to you just how important all of you are to me in light of such an impactful event, and how without you, the coming together of this community would not be possible.

We are in a sense building something out of nothing, taking what we are in need of, and using it as every reason to come together, creating a place where we can speak up about our fears and have those hard conversations out here, instead of behind closed doors. All in all, we are coming together and forming an unbreakable community, and though we might not all come from a family that supports us, here, we are given the opportunity to build one.

And I am in awe of how all of you have done just that, considering myself lucky to be witness to such an incredible group of individuals.

So, just as long as you will continue to put up with my sappy stories of my brother being my best friend, and how him getting married shook (in a good way) the heck out of me, I hope that we can continue to put our heads together, swapping ideas and information, and making the most of the obstacles in front of us, no matter how different or daunting they seem. 

Knowing that no matter how crazy things get, we can always take a moment to meet back here and give each other a big'ol virtual hug. 

All my love to you guys,


What's New

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