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Like Wildflowers Pressed Into Your Favorite Book, the Quiet Kind of Confidence Can Be Found at the Gardens Edge

Each footstep crunches in anticipation of the next—there it is, a lifetime of moments so perfectly captured in a structure that sits just above the golden valley with the deep green trees and the relentless rolling fog. 

I catch my breath, holding it, cradling it, memorizing the weighted of it in my throat, as if keeping it in will help to create an imprint of every adventure, feeling, piece of laughter and conversation woven into my entire self by years of living. 

These imprints, always humming and always reminding me of unlikely treasures. Of freshly baked bread and childhood songs sung on windy roads, somehow only ever remembering the first two lines, but singing it anyway.

Of running along the beach shoreline, catching small rocks and chunks of sand between your toes as arms are spread high and wide, salt coated fingers eager to receive the spray of the ocean. 

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When Wellness + Self Care Make You Feel Like You Aren’t Enough, Redefining What It Means to Be Badass + Writing a Book

I wasn't planning to come on here and write a post or publish a story until after the More Than Lyme Adventure, but here I am. Funny how that goes. I suppose I was craving something more personal. You know, less detailed planning and more of a non-restrictive creative source.

At the beginning of the month, I told myself I would have three stories published. There haven't been any posts since the end of January.

At the beginning of the month, I told myself I would have started side project A, B, and C. I dabbled in C, but it just wasn't happening. 

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Putting Your Whole Self Forward Amidst the Setbacks of Living with a Chronic Illness

Rather than the bits and pieces of yourself that you deem worthy. Rather than hiding those "un-worthy" pieces beneath the surface of uncertainty, doubt, and the fear of whether or not you will be accepted as a whole, by yourself, and those around you. 

It's terrifying, yet at the same time exhilarating, believing that you can do it. That you can take what feels like a broken body and mend it together with hope, strength, and a determined mind. YOU can do it. YOU can put your whole self forward and be seen as something incredible, by you, and those that surround you. Those that love, honor, and support you no matter what...

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