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Here We Go: Thoughts On a New Year + The Expectations We Set For Ourselves

With the car door slightly ajar, snow in my boots, and the ice cold breeze wafting through without hesitation, I rid my socks of snow and tucked my legs beneath me while holding my coffee close. 

I'm in the middle of nowhere, a place I often come when my mind can't settle and my heart beats fast. To my left there is nothing but sagebrush and blue skies, and to my right the dark blue ridge line of the cascades props itself up above us all, naming itself the ruler of the land. This I do not disagree with; happy to be in a place so open and so free yet still kept safe by the mighty snow covered mountains.

Here, I can think, breath, let go of all expectations, and eventually ease my way back into the bustling world. Here, things don't seem so impossible. Here, there is no doubt in my mind that I will not only get better, but thrive while doing so (something I questions quite often). And after some time spent in my own world, I look over at Kona, sitting straight up with ears perked and eyes fixated on some furry little creature up ahead. Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am.

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