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We Are Ever-Changing + Other Thoughts On Living a Life More Than
You don't receive a notice or see it coming, but rather, you feel it in your gut.

That unmistakable stirring of emotion, winding its way to your hear and eventually your mind. As you change, it changes, and just when you think you've caught it, it leaps out of your hands and disappears back into the unknown. 

The right way is scattered amongst your setbacks, fears, triumphs, and uncertainties. The right way is everything you know and don't know. 

Maybe, maybe there is no right way. Maybe the right way is simply your way: ever-changing and shifting as you grow, create, heal, love, and learn. The path I'm on is different from yours, and yours his, his hers, hers his, and on it goes; we should swap stories not compare them, we should nurture them no critic them, and we should spend time listening to our intuition (our gut), allowing it to gently guide us on our own path. A path that winds its way through yours, his hers, and mine. 

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