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Finding Validation In Your Experiences: Why It's Taken Me 15 Years to Not Just Trust in Myself, but be My Own Best Advocate

I sit here, fingers tapping the 99 cent notebook I just purchased, a victory as it mean't more ideas took up the pages of another, I begin to stir in my thoughts and wonder if this feeling of groundless-ness has anything to do with my inability to make any semblance of a routine right now.

First, these posts take on the form of words, like validation, worthiness, advocate, best self, all scribbled onto a piece of paper until something comes together and makes some kind of sense. Usually, they come to me as I'm leaving an appointment, picking out new tea at the local grocers, having a conversation with a good friend, or sometimes, if I'm really lucky, as I am armed and ready with a pen and notebook in hand. 

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That Familiar Feeling: This Is What a Panic Attack Feels and Looks Like To Me, and This Is How I Choose To Face Them

I just happened to stumble across this tiny little wooden box that I used to keep under my pillow, something my mom gave me to help with bad dreams or moments of panic. In it, you will find a collection of treasures notes, dried flowers, and a photo of Audrey Hepburn.

It was timely you see, as the dark clouds rolled heavy over our home, over the now nearly bare trees, I felt that all too familiar tightening in my chest, quickening of my heart, soon to be beating heavy against my chest, ears, and behind my eyes. 

Not long after that, my throat began to close, so any chance at speaking you could be sure would be nothing but mumbles, jabs at words, and incoherent sentences. And as I reach my hands up to my eyes, a comforting gesture I often do when my head throbs, I noticed how badly they were shaking, not only that, but they were cold as ice with finger tips as purple as grapes. 

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Nine Tips + Tricks for Anxiety While Fighting Lyme Disease

Part One: Take Your Mornings Slow

Having just woken up, I find myself on the couch, with my cup of coffee, and bowl of cereal with fresh fruit, happily reading @hereisgina's article in the most recent WHMagazine. This might sound completely nonchalant, but as someone who often (ok, all the time) feels the need to "get productive" right away, this is quite a novel, and not so easy to do, moment. 

Try looking at down time as being productive. Do whatever you need to do to get those positive thoughts rolling through, as early as you can, and for as long as you can. Chances are they will make their way into other moments of your day. 

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